Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Family Coaching

Gove and I went to our family coaching session tonight. This was our 3rd visit and we both see an improvement in our family overall. The contention between children especially was getting out of hand and now things are moving towards hope and peace I do believe. I am grateful to be so close to LDS services.
This morning I sewed the trim around Gove's scout flag and I think I will try to sew the edges of all the letters tomorrow. I made it to BYU and bought the 05-06 speeches book because there were other subjects I want to read as well. I took the kids with me to Alpine to pick up 3 boxes of frozen fruit I had ordered.
Gove was able to use a winch to pull the last piling of our deck straight and dumped enough dirt around the footing to hold it in place.
I was able to call my friend Donna as well this morning and had a nice talk with her. She offered her advice; to attend BYU ed. wk. and go to Scott and Angel Anderson's classes. I found a catalog at the book store and will make plans, find a setter for our kids and go. Maybe Gove can come as well. Donna says the skills offered by this couple have been invaluable to the raising of her family.
Our chickens still found a way under the hen house to lay eggs this morning. We did some reinforcement and I think we have it blocked off completely now. 1 chicken did lay an egg on the floor inside the house so that is a step in the right direction.
Gove is trying to talk to me as I am typing this. We are listening to Les Mis and are learning about the reign of Napoleon as a side track to understand the time frame. Which just might help us in our epiphany rate.
Besides working to still get all the laundry cleans from camping today, I was able to start typing up our notes from the seminar. Leah H. called and wanted to make sure that we are attending the Face to Face with Greatness #2 in September. We are, and I am excited to feel like I can contribute at the colloquium of Les Mis.
Tomorrow morning I am going to the Provo temple for personal meditation. The kids will spend the morning with Daddy.
The kids are enjoying the audio tapes for Little Women. I heard that Jo placed Arnica (which is an herbal plant pain relief) on Meg's ankle. I learned about arnica from my mother inlaw and it is very useful.
-Good night
-Good night

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