Monday, July 30, 2007

It's Just Around The Corner...

I have felt hopeful and excited all day. I started with a great 'good morning' to the kids, we cleaned the upstairs and although there was a few difficulties with attitudes all the children came to see that Mom was series and yet I was not yelling. We cleaned up the chicken coop and racked old grass and scraps and dirt under the hen house with the hope of keeping the hens out from under there so that they will stop laying their eggs here. Our chickens just started laying about 1.5 weeks ago. I am now trying to teach them to lay in the hen house. I have a couple of eggs in the hen nest and tomorrow I will leave them in the coop because I found an egg down by the canal this evening.
Each Monday night after Family Home Evening, I or Gove takes a child for a date. Tonight it was I and Mattia. We bought a gift for a friends birthday this Wednesday afternoon. We have been holding dates with our children since we lived in New Orleans 2001-2006. We continue here in Utah now and our kids are always aware that there is a date for someone each month.
While at the seminar this past weekend, Rachel DeMille spoke about the lack of our cultural literacy. We have the E.D. Hirsch books on cultural lit. so for FHE this evening, we started with the dictionary for children and talked about Proverbs. It was enjoyable to each of us to voice our opinions as to the meanings. Sadly my daughter Beth was not interested in being friendly and her actions were ignored and we focused on positive praise for proper behavior seen in the other children. I figured Beth was tired. All the same, she continued and lost 15 minutes of swim time this week. She might be able to gain some of the time back to proper role play when given an instruction.
I took the opportunity to share some of what I learned at the seminar today. My new neighbors, the Coopers and with my sister Carrie. There are gaps and I see the need to type up my notes and continue to share to place this info into my mind and continue to have transformational experiences.
My epiphany for today: I was talking with one of my neighbors to day and had a sudden realization about the saying 'Utah Mormons' I think the fact the Mormons here live next to each other it is easier for contention between church members. Everywhere we have lived there is at lest a couple of blocks up to miles between members. I think there can be something to this since I was wondering about this and then this epiphany came to my mind.
It's just around the corner: I have such a sense that my understanding for my mission a this time in my life is just around the corner and I will soon see clearly. It involves my children, and something more...I have felt so uplifted with this feeling of peace and assurance coming my way.
I am thankful and grateful.
I have been bothered lately about the Harry Potter series. I have enjoyed reading the series to myself and to my family. However, there are those of homeschool and GWC who do not think it's worth while reading. While viewing the blog of Julia ( I was surprised to find a student of GWC who had prepared over 800 pages about Harry Potter's positive aspects. For my family we have spent time together carving our own wands from cedar, bass, and eucalyptus trees. We have talked about our religious beliefs as we read. We have used our imagination to create our own spells. We have stayed up late together to pick up a book that our children were excited about. This last book, it was interesting to see what happens to a person when they have constantly unhappy, unrighteous thoughts, who never considers remorse verses forgiveness, desire to do good and not harm, to feel remorse for wrong committed. How grateful to know of the power of repentance. I have heard talk about the 'Lord of the Rings' being a better choice. I have not read this volume yet but I have seen the movie and I has not impressed with all the fighting. I do see the value of me reading and waiting to form an opinion on this.
Time for sleep. I am tired. I am still trying to get the laundry from camping cleaned and better smelling.
Today Gove and I learned that infra red treatments are very helpful with tendonities. Gove finally decided to go to Dr. McClean who is my chiropractor for his tendonities in his right wrist. Acupuncture was also used. Maybe he will finally have some healing take place now. Gove was also able to move more dirt with his tractor and is moving further along the back of the house dumping dirt down the hill as he goes.

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Hi, I just wanted to comment on Lord of the Rings...the books are way better than the movies. Of course Hollywood loves to focus on the action sequences. Like the BoM, sometimes there are really good reasons to fight, but in the books this is not the major emphasis. Would love to know what it is about HP that has been bothering you.