Wednesday, August 15, 2007

An Important Message About September's Face To Face With Greatness Seminar!

The Battle of Waterloo by William Sadler

Dear Friends,

This message is intended to help encourage you to attend the FTFWG #2 seminar in September.

I am not the best person at expressing my thoughts through writing, but I'm going to give it a try right now.

The past 3 months has been a heart changing and eye opening time for me. It started with a realization (eye opener #1) that I didn't have a testimony for motherhood and kind of snowballed from there.

I decided I wasn't doing any good for our children and should send them to public or private school.

I felt like our family dynamics was falling apart, and frankly I had no idea what my mission could possibly be.

And if that isn't enough, I decided to read Les Miserables in preparation for the Face To Face With Greatness Seminar #2 being held in September.

In June, Donna Goff took I and Gove to the Rethinking Education Retreat at GWC. During the first 5 hours, I had my second 'eye opener'. Oliver DeMille was discussing the 4th Turning. And although I don't understand it all yet, I had my heart changed. And I came to see that my children need me to be prepared to guide not only them but the children they will have. I see that my grand children will be keys to the founding time in the not so far future and I need to inspire my children through my quest for statesmanship. Wow! My choices are going to affect many generations from now. How exciting!

We decided in July to help our family improve in our communications skills and parenting skills, so we started attending family coaching sessions, and we see positive improvement and I feel better about being a mom. Why is it so hard to say, 'I'm a good, fine, worthy, worthwhile mom?' I can say that I'm an ok mom but truly I'm more then ok. Like Jesus said of Mary, 'she is doing what she can.'

Also in July, we attended the How To Read A Book seminar and I started to feel a new sense of freedom in my attempts to read/learn. This idea of epiphanies, taking notes only on what I'm going to teach and having a 'to do' list as I am learning from a book was all new to me. And who ever knew I was to date my books? How thrilling it has been to accept that I don't have to read every word the first time through a book to gain what I need from a particular reading.

Something was changing in my heart. I was beginning to feel hopeful. Hopeful for my education, hopeful that I really can write a paper to submit for the 5 Pillar program, hopeful that I can gain a testimony for the most important job ever placed in a womens hands. I started to feel that my mission is just around the corner for me. Who knows how long its going to take me to get to that corner but I'm working to arrive there both spiritually, physically, and educationally.

Reading Les Miserables has become an enjoyable encounter for me now and I've had my own epiphanies and I love Waterloo to boot!

I am looking forward to sharing these epiphanies with you the first weekend in September when Leah and Stori will host the second seminar in the FTFWG series. However, this seminar is not going to take place if you and I don't get up and make changes in our selves that will positively affect the outcome of our children and grand children and someone else's children too. I share all of these feelings with you to help you to know that you are not alone in wanting to make changes for the better in your family and in your life. We are the mentors in our families. I can inspire greatness but I think I have to be inspiring to myself first.

My friends, this is our opportunity to grow in preparation for the new school year. The next #2 seminar is not being offered until January 2008 in the Los Angeles area! If we don't step up and attend now and pay the registration cost, ultimately it will cost us more to travel long distance and to wait longer. My heart is with you. Don't let this pass by. We are good and great persons and we have much to share and learn from each other. We need each others positive support (and energy for that matter) to help motivate us to just keep swimming and trying.

Vive Leah and Stori!!

Vive Hugo, Shakespeare, and L'Amour!!!

Warmest regards,

-Nickie Allen

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