Thursday, August 23, 2007

Ed. Week.:Wednesday's Thoughts, and Headaches...

By Albert Bierstadt

When I left Ed. Week Tuesday night, I had a headache. By the time I drove home, I was feeling dizzy in my head. When I woke up Wednesday morning my head continued to pain me and my eyes hurt and I felt like my head was too heavy for my neck. I thought maybe this was my body dealing with toxins, so after taking 800mg of motrin with no changes I decided to walk on the treadmill and try to sweat it out. I walked and jogged 2 miles in 33 minutes. I felt fine on the treadmill but once I was off, I was dizzy with my head hurting.

I went to Angelle's class yesterday with my head in pain. I found Donna there and she shared the idea of a pain med called vanquish that used magnesium as the buffer. I didn't find the vanquish until about 8:30pm when Gove took me to Target.

It is now Thursday morning. I used the treadmill and still did not feel well. I decided I needed a special blessing to call upon the Lord through my faith to be healed. I'm feeling a little better now. I really don't want to take a pain pill but maybe it would help to get rid of the last of this pain and unsteadiness now. What to do...

Thought #3 from Ed. Week:
These principles that are gospel centered, that we are striving to teach our children, need to have examples that are hands on experiences which create stories in the children's minds to help them develop testimonies and for our children to know the they have a testimony of gospel principles.
Ex: Hold a multi family activity that is intended to teach the Plan of Salvation via driving tgo the temple would be premortal, at the temple would be coming to mortality, going to a place that is fun like Chuck e Cheese for mortality, then to a funeral home for post mortality. I can see how doing instead of hearing this plan can solidify a child's and an adults understanding and help their testimony of God and of our Savior to grow.

I so hope to feel better for today. Tomorrow is my son Elijah's 10 birthday. I don't have a gift for him yet. Oh boy.

I am a mom. I am doing what I can to be diligent within my call of motherhood.

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