Saturday, August 11, 2007

A Good Days Work...

What a day! So it started at 7 am. It was so nice to sleep until then. Anyway, my children had decided on Friday to attend the Farmers Market with my sister. I helped make some signs and gather all they needed this morning. They had 2 1/2 dozen eggs, pincushions, pillowcases, Mardi Gras beads, and veggies from the garden. When all was said, they made $13. I will save it for them and take out the money for the eggs to put toward buying feed for the hens.

After moving dirt, Gove decided we would find me a submersible pump so that I could start watering the grass along the canal. We are renting a share of water and if we had known about a submersible pump before hand I could of had things looking better sooner. I finally mowed and cut the edges, gave the clippings to the hens and hooked up the pump. I am getting enough water through the pump to add a sprinkler head which is helping to distribute the water.

I gathered 10 plums from our tree and there will be more ready next week although I will need Gove to come and pick them as they are out of my reach. Our peaches are really small this year. Is that because we had large ones last year or because I have not had enough water in the orchard this year?

While I was doing my work in the sun, Gove was putting together 2 new faucets for the kitchen sink. One is very arched and leaves a lot of room in the sink for a pile of dishes. The other was on clearance and it's like a big nice sprayer and is also a faucet, but we will mostly use it for spraying. Gove also installed a soap dispenser and as he removed the sink to put everything on, he recaulked and sealed the sink nicer then before. thank you Gove for this lovely gift.

This evening we attended the Stake picnic at Lion's park. The music was live Blue Grass staring the Wolfenstein family. Jennie, my newest friend was there with all 5 of your cute children and we sat with the Doud family as well. Gove was asked to MC the Tug-a-War and give out candy. It looked like he did a great job and there were many participants.

I like this little gamin, Gavroche, in Les Mis. He was hiding under a bush when he heard the sermon preached by Jean Valjean to Montparnasse, and now he is trying to do good to others and he has a cheerful heart even though he lives in the gutters, and he manages to give. Marius and Cosette have finally meet to express their unfailing love for each other, all in an hours time. Gag me.

My visiting teachers come over tomorrow morning. I shall enjoy preparing by reading our lessons for Sunday School and Relief Society.

So I don't forget. Elijah came to my room at 9:20pm and said he wanted to read Amelia Bedilia Goes Camping so that we could see how his reading has improved. This is the first time he was wanted to read to us in order to show us something in relation to his skills. He did a great job and I encouraged him to continue and to think of the progress he had made. He was quite happy to be recognized for his work. I do believe he will keep it up too.

Farewell and goodnight...


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