Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I'm Such A Good Mom...

Eli Beth and Keith ahead of us.
Mattia and Rachel with me.

at the base of the lift after our ride.

The Stellar's Jay

I know it sounds amazing, but I am a great mom today. I took my kids and two of their friends up to Aspen Grove, and we almost walked to Stewart Falls. While on our walk I felt so free with my children. We were out in nature, doing what Charlot Mason says to do with our kids...loving nature and thanking God for this beautiful earth. In the process of being grateful, we saw 2 Red-napped Sapsuckers, caught 3 different butterflies which we need to learn their names, and 1 grass hopper. then we returned to the parking lot and had a picnic. While eating, 3 Stellar's Jays came to our area. We feed a little of our bread to them and took some nice pictures. I brought our nature notebooks and I and Beth took our time drawing something of our field experience.

Now, here comes the great part of me being a great mom today. As we drove pass Sundance, we saw the ski lift taking people up the mountain. I stopped and we all decided it would be fun to take the ride. So I bought 6 tickets and up we went. I did not realize that there were no seat belts. And we were so high up and the mountain kept getting higher! oh boy, I was a little scared but I had 5 children with me and we all decided to be brave and really it wasn't so bad. The view was amazingly lovely and we noticed many autumn colors developing on the scrub oak.

You know, I left our home this morning completely in peace with the idea of spending the day at Timpanogos mountain, I did not worry at all about leaving the house unorganized. It is truly a peaceful experience to let go of trying to be in control and just enjoy life with your family.

This evening Gove and I attended our last family coaching class, until we feel the need to attend again that is. I am thankful for the tools received and as I use these tools to change distorted thoughts to correct statements, and as we praise and be consistent with our children I think all will continue to improve or at lest to be able to work through our difficulties. We learned about 'Thinking Errors' which are distortions that are 'all or nothing' statements. Such as 'You never...', or 'They always...' this happens with our children at times so we will teach them about thinking errors and see if we can help each other when we do this.

We have about 4 hours of les Mis left!!!!

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