Thursday, August 2, 2007

I'm Home Alone For The First Time In 9 Years

That's right! I have 6 days to finishing the unpacking of items that have been boxed up for over a year now. I have pressed forward all day. I finally stopped at 8:30 for a salad for dinner. I was able to organize, and down size the play room, organize the sewing room, remove all the toys from one of my daughters rooms, bring in boxes from the garage which I will bring upstairs tomorrow morning and begin the office and learning supplies, I know I will have a lot to part with. How fun.

When we returned to New Orleans 6 months after Katrina, Gove found a large laminator with corrosion at the end of the plug. We have tried replacing parts but can not get the heater to heat. It's a GBC4250 and I took it to SLC this morning. I hope that the guys at Pinkey and Bowes can fix it. It would be great to laminate all the wonderful posters that we have.

I finally finished typing my notes from H.T.R.A.B and I sent a copy to Leah who was most kind in her gratitude and thought I did a fine job. It was the first time I ever shared notes or at lest since high school.

Alen Levie called to night. He and Martha would like to host the next Elocution coarse at our home. We are happy to oblige as we wanted our home to be used in this fashion for learning and group activities. I have some ideas to help with the promotion of the class.

I called Gove about 40 minutes ago and they had just arrived at the home of Aunt Joanie they were eating and the kids were all excited to go swimming. I miss them now that it is bed time but I and they will be blessed with more love and excitement to see each other again.

I continued to listen to Little Women, I did not stop to write my teaching moments and now the ideas are passed for today I think. I will pray at bedtime and ask that I might recall them. I so appreciate to hear the girls talk about Pilgrims Progress because it helps me to understand and visual Christian's story with greater clarity. It also makes me want to read John Bunyan again.

I'm calling it done for the day, I'm going to register for education week and maybe read or sleep, I never sleep as well when my husband is away. You can imagine my sleep the 4 months we were separated after I moved to Utah with the kids and he stayed behind to sell the home and finish teaching at Tulane. But now all is as it should be.

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