Wednesday, August 1, 2007

It's Almost Bedtime...

Boy I am so tired. I took a shower just to help me wakeup. Gove and the kids are driving to Ramona, Ca. tomorrow with Grandma Allen. I get to stay home! I really looking forward to finishing the unpacking and dejunking of our homeschooling stuff and general supplies. I have so many things scattered around this home of ours that it is hard to find things so I plan to have central locations and labels on the drawers so we all know where to look and where to put things make.
I have chosen the classes I feel are right for me to take during the BYU ed. wk. Gove just said he would try to come with me. It's pretty much all about motherhood, I tried to let the spirit guide me.
It wasn't until this late morning that Gove told me he is leaving tomorrow so I have been busy. I have not read steadily since last Thursday but I feel I have been learning daily.
I went to the temple by myself. It was so nice to be there for the first session. It was quiet and peaceful and I had an insight about my faithfulness when praying for others. I am thankful for the time spent praying and pondering.
My son Elijah has been so helpful today. He is responding with a happy attitude now too. He loves to receive this positive praise and pre-teaching. Both the girls are happier too and Tia is expressing more love. Beth is still testing the water to see if things are going to continue this way. It is so nice to feel and see an increase of love and respect. It isn't every minute but things are much improved in 3-4 weeks.
I'm going to continue to type up my notes from last weekend. Tomorrow morning I need to take our non functioning laminator to SLC for servicing.
Today the kids and I listened to Little Women. It turns out that the sisters had a newsletter too. I think I like the idea of a special mailbox to send letters to each other and notes to uplift and thank the kids like the March family and Lorie and his family did with each other. How fun.
-A whole week to get things accomplished. Wow!!!!

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