Monday, August 20, 2007

Monday's Are 'Date Night's' With One Of Our Children

This evening, after a lovely dinner with our friends, the Goff's. I and Bethany headed out for our date at Barnes and Noble. Beth was looking for the old spiderman comics for Eli's birthday this Friday. There were no old black and white comics just colorful, bold, cheap looking, and creeping looking comics. We also tried to find a book on the care of lizards but now we realize we need a book on a specific type and I'm not sure I really want a reptile in the house now. I found a book of songbirds with a cd that I am looking forward to hearing tomorrow. I will play it near the canaries and see if Flicker is inspired to sing even more. Beth ended our date with an Italian cream soda. She was hoping it would taste as good as grandma's but it did not.

We do our weekly cleaning of the home and laundry on Monday's and today, everything went very quickly and smoothly. I wrote a list on the chakl board with 8 items to accomplish and the kids went to work. Our last job was to move bedroom and build new frames for the kids beds and placed them in one room so that we can read to all of them and they can hear at the same time. Plus I have just felt they should be together again. Eli siad this afternoon that it felt good to be putting their beds in the same room. And Gove started reading the Count of Monte Cristo to them. I am currently reading The Old Man And The Sea by Hemingway to the family.

This morning we officially stopped working on our back yard hill. We have brought in over 200 loads of dirt and this morning we tied the last rock to the tarps to keep the majority of the rain off and to prevent the hill from sliding down into the canal during the winter. We feel good about this work and the fact that we are doing it ourselves and saving many thousands of dollars.

I have so looked forward to having Donna and Roger and their kids to our home. It was so nice to listen to Donna after dinner as we talked about how to learn drawing, she said to get Drawing With Children by Mona Brooks, and Donna provided collaboration for the Wild Days book a Charlotte Mason approach. I realize this evening or rather I had an epiphany that I need to return to the ideas of Charlotte for nature and love of learning activities. Thank you Donna for stimulating this epiphany to come my way.

Tomorrow is Education Week. Also, I just learned today that the Face To Face seminar is being changed and Oliver DeMille and Shannon Brooks are coming in September and the colloquium will not be Les Mis but rather Pride and Prejudice! I have not finished Les Mis but I have never read Pride and Prejudice! One step at a time Nickie. I can be peaceful and calm wit this change and still grow and learn.

Good night

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