Thursday, August 9, 2007

My Family Is Home!! and...A New Friend

Last night, our Bishop and others, provided a dinner for all the females in our church. It was very nice to have a picnic with my daughters who had arrived home from Ca. 2 hours prior. I was so happy to hug and love my kids and they told me so many times how much they loved me!! I really think they missed me. How wonderful to be their mom. Great to have my husband back and to finally sleep with confidence. Gove brought me Holly's treadmill that she wasn't going to need now. Wow, thanks Holly!!!

So, at the dinner last night I meet a new friend! She is Jennie, and she just moved into the neighborhood 2 weeks ago. And what is so fun is that Jennie knows about George Wythe College and TJed. She works at a Montessori school in Lindon and she is helping to develop a TJED model of education. So, we spent the evening talking about Les Mis, Jane Austin, Gene Stratton Portter, and changes that have occurred in our lives. It turns out that she was living Missouri while we lived in New Orleans our first 3 years. It was so nice to talk to someone who understands homeschooling, and the importance of reading. Before I realized it almost everyone had gone home. Jennie is an avid reader and she will be a helpful, and insightful friend to me.

Today I am taking my children to Thanksgiving Point for a fun afternoon with dinosaurs and sand. Beth has Achievement Days following this field trip.

We just spent 1 1/2 hours down at our garden drawing pictures of different plants. I can see an improvement in Eli and Tia's drawing skills, they really tried to show details. Beth has enjoyed drawing from her imagination, not necessarily something she just saw. I am in a sad state when it comes to drawing.

Time now for my personal learning with Les Mis. Our children are have quality playtime together. They have agreed to work out any differences that might arise and they were singing, God BE With You Till We Meet Again', as they left me to go down stairs. I can tell that all my striving to say positive statements and to praise their actions this morning is paying off with positive outlooks for them right now.

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