Friday, August 24, 2007

My Sons 10th Birthday, Still Dizzy

Happy Birthday Elijah! I remember the day he was born as if it was yesterday.Eli was scheduled for C-section on the 25th of August but at 3:00 in the morning he decided to come on the 24th. I wonder if there is a deeper significance related to ones birth date? How come I can't remember what happened on his birthday 3 years ago? Oh it is so frustrating to not remember things from last week. I sometimes think there is too much to remember in our lives now. Gove will be taking the kids out to fun activities per Eli's request for his birthday. We don't do birthday parties.

About my head. I was able to see a doctor late yesterday. Besides my terrible headache and dizziness, I talked to him about my poor sleeping patterns. He is going to address my sleeping once we can figure out what is going on with my head. I had a CT scan of my head last night. Dr. Brown says I might of experienced a Thunderclap headache. He prescribed lortab. I took 1 and a second at bedtime. I awoke this morning thinking all was better. But about 30 minutes after awaking the dizziness has returned, the pain behind my eyes, and a lack of complete balance are back. I hope to hear something about the CT soon. I also had some blood work as well. the front of my head hurts.

I missed Angelle's class at Education Week yesterday and I will miss today as well due to these symptoms. I was listening to Les Mis a little last night, but not ready to think right now. Must rest...

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