Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My Thoughts From Attending Education Week...Tuesday

Thought #1
I have completely forgotten that a person should awake from 8 hours of sleep feeling refreshed! I have not awoken from a nights rest refreshed for at lest 8 years and that is no exaggeration!! I heard this in the Stress Management class. This is concerning to me that some how stress and anxiety have affected my sleep. Or is it something that is just sleep pattern related? I want to find out more about my sleeping situation. I guess I will need to see a doctor.
Thought #2
I love Donna Goff's recommendation to attend Angelle Anderson's class. She spoke about creating family committees, and every family member being the chair person and the rest of the family is involved in the activities of each committee. She said they use a monthly theme and base FHE and spiritual teachings and activities on the monthly theme. I bought her cd and her printed agenda sheets for family and executive councils. I found Donna Goff attending and Julie Graham from Roseville Minnesota where we use to live 6 years ago.

Before I left for the afternoon sessions I assisted Gove with more guard rails, prepared dinner which I pressure cooked pinto beans and a chuck of beef. It taste great. I also attended the temple at 7:30am and after the temple I purchased the Julie Morgenstern program at Franklin Covey.

I woke up tired this morning and a little unsteady.

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