Monday, August 27, 2007

Putting Education Week To Work In Our Home...

This morning I had to medical appointments, so I left a list of 8 items on the chalk board to be accomplished through the teamwork of our children. A new item was the Quick Clean/Deep Clean of diffrent room. A bought laminated 8x11 cards that says what should be done for either type of cleaning. The kids were fine with the idea. And they had everything taken care of and the laundry going when I made it home 2 hours later. We have to fix the venting system for the dryer as the clothes are taking too long and it's a new dryer.

For Family Home Evening, I started to incorporate some of the ideas from Angelle Andersons CD. I wrote a 1 page story of how Gove and I meet and how we came to have 3 children. The kids thought it was kind of fun. Then I said we would be adding information about ourselves to a binder called the ????? We need a name at this point. Each of us filled out a page of questions about ourselves and included a picture that I took of each person. we practiced singing The Spirit of God Like A Fire Is Burning. I took my date night with Elijah and without him knowing it I had a personal interview with him. He says he wants to continue with Knights of Freedom, take Creative Dance through BYU, and stay on top of his Webelos activities. Sounds good to me.

I have not mentioned that our chickens are laying about 9 eggs per day. We have 4 dozen right now. I think I'll have Carrie take them to the Farmers Market this Saturday. 4 Dozen will pay for the next 50 pounds of feed. I gave the hens a fair amount of rice that I had seasoned with to much Tumeric. I wonder if some of the yokes will be more yellow becasue of it?

I am a mom to our children... it feels good and right. It is nice to have my
chidlren want to hug me so much and for me to want to praise them for good deed.

One last note. The girls decorated our indoor mail box we took the idea from Little Women. No one has looked to see if something was in it so tonight I got the box and took out the certificates I made for the kids. They were happy to be recognized for work and actions well done. we are planning a October trip to Delta for Trilobite digging.

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