Saturday, August 18, 2007

Relaxing With My Family...This Is Peaceful!

Service project during July 2007. Girls made bread with Gove and are delivering to families in the neighborhood.

Ah!! Saturday evening is here, we have had 4 days of hard yard work. After 200+ dump truck loads of dirt, we are feeling good about our back yard hill and the driveway is beginning to take shape. Today we spent hours spreading tarps to cover the dirt so it doesn't wash down the hill during the rainy seasons. Just look for the yard with blue ground and you have found us!

Thursday evening, Gove and I attended our family coaching session. We had a successful experience. With the help of our counselor, I was able to recognize what is called 'distorted statements' or just plain false thoughts that we think are true. I have the hardest time being able to relax and feel peaceful and calm when things are not finished. Once this came out from me, it took like 30 minutes of discussion I felt it was right. My new statement is 'I can be peaceful and calm even when things are not finished. I was so willing to try and find this answer for why I always feel like I have to be working and getting things done before I can feel relaxed and calm, I don't have why, but now I can keep saying this true statement and I will come to believe it. I am a worthwhile, good, and concerned mom and wife. This feels nice to say now.

I am interested in the Julie Morgenstern planner at Franklin Covey. I like the notebook which is basically the teaching/epiphanies and doing columns, and the monthly notebook. I think it would be helpful to have small daily tasks and to write them and check them off. I use to write all our daily learning activities on a planner I think I need to do this again.


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