Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sunday Thoughts...

I was in Sunday School this afternoon, and we were reading from the book of Acts chapter 9. And I had the following epiphany. Saul was angry with the jews who converted to following Christ. He was visited by our Lord, and then after 3 days Ananias came to heal him through the power of God. Ananias called him, 'Brother Saul'. It was at this moment that I thought of Jean Valjean and the good Bishop of Digne. The Bishop is Christ in this story and Valjean who is angry with everyone is like a Saul. It is the Bishop who calls him 'brother' and because of the pure love of the Bishop, Jean Valjean chooses to make a change in himself and to become like the Bishop. In otherwards I see jean Valjean becoming a Paul now.
Well, I think it's a great idea. I shared it with our teacher afterwards who has read Les Mis and he appreciated the analogy.

My submersible pump is doing a fine job watering the orchard.

This evening we invited 2 families over for dinner. We talked about a fermented herring that is popular in Sweden, the dead zone around Chernobyl, and one guest is in the Navy, he has spent time in the Phillipeans and he discussed issues regarding the increase of Muslim extremist within the country.

Sadly, I have lost my childcare provider for BYU education week. I am hopeful to attend at lest one class each week if Gove can be available.

I like this quote of James E. Faust ( he died Saturday morning, an apostle of Jesus Christ)

"Private choices are not private. They all have public consequences...
Our society is the sum total of what millions of individuals do in their private lives.
That sum total of private behavior has worldwide public consequences of enormous magnitude.
There are no completely private choices."

Fare thee well.

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