Sunday, August 5, 2007

Today... and everyday now

Today I awoke excited because it is the sabbath. Everyday I am now excited to awake and say, 'thank you Lord for letting me be a mother'. Today I prepared for our Sunday school lesson in the book of Acts. Where is the best place on the internet for etymology? I will investigate tomorrow.
Today I shared my thankfulness that God has shown me where to get help in my parenting skills, and how to gain a testimony for being a happy, thankful, loving, and learning mom.
My daughter Bethany's gold fish died. I told Gove first and he broke the news to her. He said the fish was old and maybe he was. He had been attacked by the crayfish and lost his tail fin but it had started to grow again. When I talked to Beth this evening about it she was ok. Beth is very sensitive about animals.
It was so nice to tell my children that I love them and am grateful to be their mom. They said yea they loved me but they needed to play with their cousins!!! I am glad they are creating these fine memories in childhood.
I read an article from the August Ensign this morning, what I pulled out of the article was the need to remember my Lords atonement on my behalf. By remembering and feeling this act which Christ performed on my behalf will open my heart to being willing to change and repent because I am desiring to not let his act be in vain for me.
I also started learning the speech given by Van C. Gessel called 'The "Welding Link" of Culture'
this is what I read while waiting for our last and most meaningful Harry Potter book. I want to learn this speech so that I can share his ideas regarding the reading of classic as, "to forge a link between civilizations of the past and our own day and then to transmit them to our own progeny." As I learn this time, I want to practice learning poetically and not logically. I hope to find meaning that will influence me in a transformational way that will help inspire my quest to build cultural literacy in me and in my family.
I sent my testimonial for Martha's Elocution classes to the TJFA, and HSF. I hope the attachments went through and I truly hope others will feel inspired to participate, as Martha is desirous to earn an income sharing these wonderful skills that help increase our confidence in public speaking.
-Fair thee well my friend. Goodnight.

Art by Eli. It's called 'faces' and it's for sale says Eli.

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