Saturday, August 4, 2007

Vive Victor Hugo!!!

So I am trying to understand Victor as I read Les Mis and decided to read from Wikipedia as well as Cliffnotes. I see how there was all this turmoil in France in the 1780-90's and while change is occurring to the government, which I think is the internal French Rev. there is also war or coalitions 1st and 2nd going on now against France. Napoleon helps save France with the 1st war, goes to Egypt, comes back and places himself as Emporer, wins the 2nd coalition and then I think the Napoleonic Wars begin. If anyone every reads this does that sound correct to you?

Anyway it's quite interesting. Napoleon had both is brothers, sister and husband, and another brother in-law in command of different French controlled regions. Wow! No wonder he had a big head and like Victor said, Napoleon thought of himself as a god. And to think I started reading all this just because I wanted to know what the Pantheon was, and then I started reading about who was buried there and found the first few burials were French Revolutionist. Victor is buried there too. This feels exciting to me!!!!! How fun, I am have a Love of Learning /Aspiring Scholar 3 hour moment in time. This is fantastic!!!

I also finished my main work here in our home. I thought it would take me until next Tuesday to get this work completed but with no family here I finished today and now I get to have this time of study. I feel so thankful and grateful to my Heavenly Father and to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Life is joyful and I am thankful to be a mother, wife, and daughter.

Now I want to figure how to help some friends with classes they are presenting in the area starting in September. I took the first Elocution class that Martha taught last year and it has been helpful and inspiring to me, so I want to share my testimonial and see if I can get others to attend this fall. The second class is the Face To Face With Greatness seminar #2 and Gaylene Hatch who is very engaging and inspiring is the presenter. I am thinking how to present these two classes to diffent homeschool groups and see if someone will be interested in attending because I believe in both and feel a desire to share. Thinking....thinking.....thinking......

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