Monday, September 24, 2007

Catch up...

My car broke down in Ogden Saturday late afternoon. Luckily I was passing cars on the left hand side because everyone was driving to slow. It was raining and that might have had some reason for these other drivers to slow down but not me. After all I did drive an M-13 in the military and I could even parallel park that hunk of iron. so any way, I was able to take the exit for Farr West and as we came to a stop, my van died. Both Gove and I felt confident that the fuel pump must of given out. We used AAA and grandma Allen drove up from SLC and in the end we made it home by 10:30pm only 3 hours behind schedule.

This morning we learned it was indeed the fuel pump, and the good news is that the fuel gage will also be fixed in the process. $600 later and my van is ready for pick up tomorrow morning. Darn, I was hoping to get that 2004 Volvo wagon I've had my eyes on. No such luck. But I am going to look on the brighter side and have a new stereo system installed.

Enough of cars! This past weekend Elijah attended his first Knights of Freedom Summit. This is the 2nd summit and he said it was great. We did not get to see him as we were attending a seminar on how to teach math using the classics. Eli came home with a sword that is highly cushioned, and he made and colored a shield that is quite nice. He is not deep into details but it sounds like a good experience was had by all.

I and Gove decided to attend this math seminar that Oliver DeMille was teaching for the last time. It's a good idea that he isn't teaching this anymore. It was over my head. And frankly most of it can be shared in other settings. The fact that I had a headache did not help either.
We started to read Multiple Intelligences by Howard Gardner. Compared to Holt's How Children Learn it is a let down. Though we have read 4 chapters maybe things will get better. They sure did with Holt's book. Gardner seems to want to label children early and put them into a certain occupation and does not seem to consider that people have missions and purposes and can grow and change as they mature.

We need to switch to Commonwealth Schools and Market Based Education for the next colloquium later in October as we will miss the 2nd week.

Today was a great day for being a mom. I'm so glad to be with these 3 kids. We did our chores all be it lightly but done none the less. And I started to read about Abraham Lincoln for Eli's KofF colloquium this Wednesday. We bought some more cases at Macy's but I realized that I want to now shop at Reams because they have removed all alcoholic beverages and cigarettes. Next time I will do thus. I have not been to Reams but I will try to show my support and let them know why I am shopping there.
anyway, this afternoon, we started to paint with acrylics. And we each had a project and then we each painted a flower on a small paper plate and they are enjoyable to glance up on the wall and see them mounted together in a vertical line. All cheerie and bright.

We are letting Jennie and her family stay with us while reparis are hopefully made to her home she is renting after a sewer pipe broke in her basement. My sis ter Carrie is back from a 4 day trip. We will be having a planning session between her family and my family this week to work out some differences.

This morning there was snow on the mountain tops! The kids had hot chocolate. And we ate soup for lunch. It could only have been better if it was snowing at our level.

Bethany told me she wants to learn Hebrew. She said this today. It just so happens that we have Barron's Hebrew lessons on tape so I am going to bring them out tomorrow and see where we go this it.


Jacob Richman said...

For may also want to check out this free audio site with over 1,700 Hebrew words and phrases:


Nickie said...


Thank you for creating this site. I was listening to Barron's Hebrew with my daughter yesterday and it was a disappointment and I feared listening to this will kill our love for learning Hebrew in this case.
So thank you.

Nickie said...

Jacob, I am wondering if you will or have a site for hearing the pronunciation?