Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Days Just Fly Bye...

Going up into the hills both Monday and Tuesday of this week was an enjoyable encounter with my children. Monday we went to an area called Rock Springs and lunched while I read James Harriet to the children . They stood in the water of the creek while I was reading. Eli and Beth have knee high rubber boots. Beth took turns with Tia and the 3 of them hiked up the creek. We each used our nature books to draw something to help us to remember this hike. I am trying to spend 4 hours each time out doors.

On Tuesday as we drove up towards the South Fork Park, we stopped to watch 2 moose setting in a small meadow enjoying the morning shade and fresh air. We wondered if these might have been male moose who had dropped their antlers for the season? I'm not sure moose do this but we did read it once in a Dr. Seuss book and Eli said it must be true. That statement that it must be true because we read it has me wondering how careful I need to be with the choices of books or that we need to investigate more throughly subjects. Anyway we went to our favorite swing. I wished we had a dog that day. As we were walking pass the swing and down the trail, I was hoping to use Anna Comstock's book called the Handbook of Nature Study (1911) and as we went along, the brush growth of the plants started to get thick and I could not see what was in front of us. I am apprehensive being out in nature and with reports of bear sightings in the area this summer I decided to turn around. But what are the chances of running into a bear? I don't know. I just know it is hard on me to keep calm for the kids when I am actually a little fearful. Thus the wish for a temporary dog. It is so nice to set on the swing and read to and with the children. I did find some picture in the Nature Study Book that we can use the next time. I need a book to identify the local plants and trees.

Bethany and Mattia started Creative Dance through BYU this evening as well. It is so funny to watch Mattia.Bless her little heart she will be like me I think. Heavy on her toes. Beth just glides about. But I am happy that Mattia is trying and I think this will be a blessing for her in coordination of the extremities and I think it is going to help her in her speech articulation that she also started on Monday and has twice a week.

Yesterday Eli had his first Knights of Freedom for the new season. I was so happy to watch him interact with these other boys. Eli told me that he would not run for any of the officer positions in the group but at the last moment, he got up and tried to win the vote for President. He lost , and then he got up again and ran for vice-president. He lost but he was happy for trying. I talked with him about Abraham Lincoln trying and losing more then once. It's ok to fail and try again. We are not perfect the first time or many times there after for the majority of us. Eli just seemed happy to give it a try and I am happy for him too.

Today is Thursday. It seems the kids would like to stay home today and not take a nature journey. That is fine with me. I stuck my foot in the wrong place and now I need to arrange an outing for a homeschool group in October to the corn maze. I want to address this today and have it ready so I need not be worried about this responsibility any longer.

Gove and I are trying to read How Children Learn. I just am not interested and would like to do something else but when you are in a group setting I need to be able to share about the agreed reading. I wonder if a colloquial group for a discussion on any book you feel you need to be reading right now would work?

So here I am, behind with my blog and trying to make up for lost days but the emotions for those days have passed and I am now just giving information. I feel a little lost this morning. I walked hard for 35 minutes on the treadmill this morning and I was reading in the bible dictionary that the word Grecian means a Jew who is Greek-speaking. I am reading in 2 Corinthians in preparation for sunday school this Sunday and I was reading the 3rd chapter and came across "...where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty." then I went to Alma 61:15 and it said"...according to the Spirit of God, which is also the spirit of freedom which is in them." It has me thinking about my personal freedom from stress and anxiety. Both are tied to my relationship with my Heavenly Father and with my Lord. I seem to feel a little down this morning and I am wondering why. I've returned to prayer twice this morning and yet no comfort. Liberty and freedom and the spirit of god. I think I'm going to think about this today just in my mind.

Now I have needs to fulfill for my family. Good bye.

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