Sunday, September 9, 2007

Face To Face With Greatness Seminar #2

I am just slightly behind at the moment. So I just want to say that this #2 seminar is creating transformation in myself and husband as this very moment. I am organizing a few things that I had an impression to care for during the seminar. Gove read 2 chapters of The Count of Monte Cristo to Eli and Beth because that is the classic they wanted to hear. He then read a chapter of Strike at Shanes by one of my favorite authors Gene Stratton Porter. Gove thinks Beth will switch her chapter to this book tomorrow.

My main point right now regarding the seminar is Family Executive Counsels, Weekly interviews with each child, 6 month Inventories and 6 month Just Say No inventories. I have been receiving thoughts and examples of these types of idea during August. Some came from the Holy Spirit and others from mentors and even strangers. But now it has come together through the insights and presentation of Dr. Oliver DeMille. More to come as I need to type my teaching notes and my action epiphanies and then post them under my annotations....

The last thing for now is to share how fun it was to participate in the colloquium. We did a syntopical discussion and tried to present common threads found in Les Miserables, The Lonesome Gods, and The Merchant of Venice. I that this was exciting and I felt so passionate for the plan of forgiveness and repentance.

My summer started as ...It was the worst of times. Now my summer ends with.... It was the best of times.

I am in debt to a loving Heavenly Father and his son Jesus the Christ. Wow, he has pulled me through this difficultly in my season of distress. And I am now stronger, hopeful, secure and not stressed. I am tired but not stressed.

Last note tonight. I have injured my left gluteal muscle and I cant put weight onto my left side when trying to go up stairs. This happened when I was getting back into bed early this morning. What is the deal with my wonderful body? I want to live to be 100. I can't have it falling apart now. Maybe I need to make changes? ?? Not ready???

P.S. I am thinking how to move myself into the stateswomen level by helping to create a leadership community for our family and others. Ideas to come...

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