Tuesday, September 4, 2007

I Call It Flexibility....

Flexibility: noun: the quality of being adaptable or variable.

Flexible. That's me today. I woke up just prior to 5 am and got up and went to the temple. I like being at the temple this early. There are fewer people and that always puts me at greater comfort.

We started our new school year on time, however because I am flexible today, we left at the moment I would of started our Article of Faith lap books and rushed over to BYU for the devotional for the new school year. I thought that would be a good way to add to our new year. Only thing was there was no devotional today. And since I'm being adaptable, I took my husband to SLC to buy some 15-16 EEE shoes at the Rack. Gove got lucky and found 3 pair of brown tone casual shoes.

We were almost to the library this late afternoon to return overdue tapes and books, when I remembered how flexible I was and rushed home to meet the deliverer of my oxycimeter that I will be wearing tonight to monitor my oxygen levels as I sleep.

I guess that is the extend of my flexibility today. The children had a fair amount of playtime. Out story about Ruth and David in The Harvester is turning interesting and Gove even enjoyed the story. You have to read it to find out for yourself. I think it is enjoyable to hear about such lovely characters as Mrs. Porter creates in many of her novels. I can't say all because I have 2 larger ones yet to read and her short stories as well.

This evening I and Gove took turns reading out load the Seven Lesson School teacher by John Taylor Gatto. Did you know John added Taylor after another John Gatto schoolteacher was confused for this John? It's true. And this address must of been his way out of the system even though he was receiving the Teacher of the Year for New York state, because he quits a short time later. But was was interesting is how I'm still on the public school system. Not completely but I see a few things i was doing just this morning that I can relate to his 7 points.

John's 3rd point is the teaching of indifference. All though I did not do the following I am happy to report, I did think about doing it and planned to maybe do it later until I read this point. I was thinking that I would use a bell to say when the time was up on a project and then we would have to move on even if we/ the kids were interested. Oh how silly I was and now I see I would do that. We are just having Love for Learning experiences and if it take all day because we are enjoying then so be it. Why did I think of using a bell anyway? Be flexible Nickie.

The 4th point is teaching emotional dependency. 'Rights do not exist in side a school-not even the right of free speech' this has me thinking about a girl in Colorado who during the 2006 graduation gave a 2 minute speech and said that people should include or get God in their lives. The school has not awarded this girls her diploma since that statement and say they wont until she gives a written apology. From what I read, the case is now going to court.

There are a few more points for me to make but I just decided to annotate my thoughts and epiphanies from this reading and then add a link under My Personal Annotations. I am going to use page 11 in the development of a short family statement as to why we are together and our purpose as a family unit.

It's raing this evening maybe the night will be cool and tomorrows hike will be pleasant yet colorful.

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