Saturday, September 29, 2007

I'm So Not Tired... Well Almost

It's true I am sleeping a little longer into the morning now that fall is here, and the sun is not shining directly into my eastern bedroom windows, and I quite using the alarm to wake up at 5:50am. This is all fine and well but still I am often exhausted when I wake up.
Well maybe help is on it's way. Friday I saw a Sleep Specialist and in a few weeks I will have a sleep study done. I wonder how I will possibly get any sleep being hooked up to wires and monitors but I hope something will be detected in the process. I wonder if my weight gain over the past 10 years is the real answer. Or is it just the fact that kids do this to moms? I guess I'll find out by the end of October.

I never sleep well when Gove is out of town. He took his first year scouts camping somewhere south of here yesterday. He said it started to rain this morning after they had packed up and while they were on their 5 mile hike. I'm looking forward to sleeping knowing my honey is next to me once again.

We are reading Market Based Education: A New Model For Schools by Kathleen Harward. I wonder if this is where DeMille started to use the term "conveyor belt". I am interested in changing my mind set to the use of personal projects in the education for myself and for the children. I am realizing how impowering it is for the kids and me to guide and mentor but to let the kids be at the center of thier own education. They, each one has continued to type on this old typewritter we found at DI. Mattia shared a poem she is learning for speech articulation tonight at bedtime. Bethany has been sculpting with clay and cooking little sculptures in the oven. Eli continues to call me Marme. Bless thier hearts. I just love them and it's so nice to see kindness and love so many hours of each day lately.

Today it has rained all day. I helped my friend Jennie clean and move things back into her basement after a sewer pipe broke 2 weeks ago. You can tell that snow was falling on the mountains.

Our children came home after we did some late afternoon DI shopping with daddy and they made hot cocoa for everyone for the first time. Then we turned on the radiant floor heating and fired up the gas fire place and we read for a few hours. The kids were reading/looking at Asterix the series of comic stories set during the reign of the Roman Empire in Europe. Gove and I were reading this Market Based book. The kids had their hot cocoa by the fire. It was so nice. I have been waiting for some weeks for this season of snuggling in to the home. Just prior to spring I will start getting the feelings for getting out and planting and seeing life start to take place again I imagine.

I am reading an article in the September Ensign about seeking learning by faith. In Hebrews 11:1 Paul says faith is "the substance of things hoped for..." I thought about how it was my faith/our faith for learning that brought us to the Thomas Jefferson Educational Philosophy and "the evidence of things not seen" the evidence of this path following the TJED was not seen at the time we expercised our faith for learning. At the present time I see the beginning evidences that are strengthening my faith and creating sureties for me provided I continue to exercise faith and seek my own learning by the spirit. I like this feeling and this idea I had while reading the first page of this message. I guess I had an epiphany.
I like this quote:
"Learning by faith opens the pathway into the heart"

The Holy Ghost can carry a message unto my heart but not necessarily into my heart. I as the receiver have to allow the Holy Ghost to enter. Interesting, I had never thought differently of unto and into before.

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