Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Is This My Imagination?.....

view of Delft 1660-61
Is it my imagination or are we experiencing and increase in Love of Learning in our house hold today? No! It's no imagination, it's the truth. Or maybe it has been here but since we are just about finished with How Children Learn I am just finally seeing the fruits of my labor.

Well it goes like this today. Mattia was doing her speech articulation, and Eli and Beth were discussing the prices in the Smith grocery advertisement. I listened to them talk about hormones and antibiotics in the meats, the nasty taste of store bought milk and some other things I don't now recall. I was happy for them to be having this talk and realized that they are listening about the need to change our diet system. When we left from class all three kids said they wanted to so see what $20 would buy for them. I normally would say no but since I am trying to see what my children are going to do next I said yes. Eli had paper and pen. He wrote the prices of what I was getting and it wasn't long before the total was over his thinking for the present moment. I did the totaling and he wrote prices. Still they were optimistic. It's case sell time at Macy's so I had $20 with 4 cases of canned goods. I watched as Beth decided to purchase with her money some plastic cups to sell lemonade with. She and her siblings went and discussed the prices and size of cups. I did not get involved and just praised them for making the decision themselves.

During our late morning devotional we were reading in the writings of Joseph Smith that in 1835 some mummies and papyrus papers were brought to Kirtland. The man who acquired these items was a relative of a man who I think was French. This man secured the mummies in 1831 and died while transporting them to Europe. He willed them to a relative who happen to be in America. This new man heard of Joseph Smith and took the mummies and papyrus papers to him. Anyway the mummies circulated for about 3.5-4 years prior to coming to Kirtland. some citizens purchased these items from the good fellow and gave them to Joseph. That's when the writings of Abraham and Joseph of Egypt were found. I can certainly see Gods hand in this.

Next, we were reading A Landmark book called Joan d'Arc. She was about 14 when she heard a sweet voice and saw a bright light. she said according to trial records that this or these voices came regularly to teach and prepare her. I thought that sounded a lot like Joseph Smith as a boy if you read his history of his young adult years too. I did not know that William the Conqueror was French and invaded England. I didn't know that many French wanted England to rule France in the 1400's.

And to think we learned this all because of a love for learning this very day. Beth and Tia are now doing personal projects of hand sewing. Eli has just finished a letter to cousin Gavin. Beth wrote too. I decided to let the kids write words how they sounded unless they just had to have me spell the word. it was interesting to see the spelling yet I could read what they said. It seemed to me that both Eli and Beth seemed excited to write and not discouraged by being made aware of mistakes even though they told me they were spelling how it sounded. This made me think they understand that the word was not spelt correctly but did not seemed stressed by it. Nor was I stressed. Thank you John Holt

This morning I was concerned that I was wrong when I said Jan Vermeer was from Holland. So I looked up the town of Delft in the National Geographic map book and found that the town is indeed in the southern part of Holland.

Carrie and I are presenting a wickless candle party tonight so I should go put things in order in the living room.

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