Thursday, September 6, 2007

It's Late I'm Tired...

Boy I am tired this evening. I hope my mind will relax and I have a lovely nights rest. Today the smell of autumn was in the air. We had our windows open for 24 hours now. I love the hint of fall in the air. Yesterday I and the kids went up to the South Fork Park area. We have never been there before and we had a lovely time in nature. We tried to catch brook trout with our bug net. Boy they are fast. we hiked along the west side of the creek and came upon a homemade swing that holds 4 comfortably. We had lunch on the swing and saw mule deer in the underbrush. We all drew in our nature books and we all did some rendition of the log swing.

Today we started a lab experiment with potato's cut in half and hanging in water. We are seeing if the cut side or uncut side should be down in the cup of water. We will be tracking this in our nature books as well.

Lat night I attended the Pleasant Grove HS support activity. Penny Gardner was sharing her insights into CM philosophy. I was reminded of little things to share with my kids and books to read. Was there an epiphany for me? I don't remember. I need to sleep. I am tuckered out.

We attended our colloquium for the 7 Lesson School teacher. I was surprised to find my friend Jennie there. This will be an interesting semester. I wonder after one member spoke about striving for excellency, What do I seek in the form of excellency at this age of our children. I think I expect them to try to see improvement for themselves and to be consistent. I am not trying for excellency in my life, I am striving for joy and peace and love and charity, forgiveness, remission of sins, harmony with the will of god for me in this life. I left my notes under the My Personal Annotations link. I would like to add more since our discussion tonight. But not now.

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