Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Little Poem I was Feeling The Other Morning...

We have our windows open now. The mornings are so refreshing and sweet. I have thought of the following poem we memorized while attending Elocution.
October Is Nearby
I saw October coming
Across September's land,
A final flame of blossom,
Like a torch, held in the hand.

I heard October coming,
In the whirr of southward wings,
The whisper of the falling leaves,
The song of hidden things,

I smelled October coming,
In the smoke of evening's air,
The scent of windfall apples,
Wild grapes and mellow pear.

Yes, October is nearby...
But is there need to tell it?
For all who love October
Will see and hear and smell it.

I am looking forward to lighter air and crispy mornings. I am scheduling a field trip to the Hee Haw farm or the Cornbelly farm for a local homeschool group. I doing this because it was so nice last year and I have fond memories of that day with our children.

Gove has just finished reading to the children. So I want to be ready for our reading now.
Have a safe day tomorrow and God bless you.

P.S. We had a lively discussion about the ideas associated with the inspiring of greatness in ourselves and others at our tutorial this evening. Gove said I had quality comments to make and he enjoyed looking at me and listening. That sure makes a girl feel good, and confident too. Thanks dear.

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