Monday, September 17, 2007


Tissot's Hide and Seek
I wrote 5 chores on the chalk board this morning. One was hugs, so really just 4 chores and let me tell you my three kids whipped through those chores and had them finished by 9:40 this morning. I was so pleased and impress with the motivation of each. That sure makes the day easier for me to manage. I was able to use the treadmill for 2 miles in 30 minutes, short scripture study and I even had the beans 1/2 way through the pressure cooking steps by the time we needed to take Tia to speech.

Eli and Beth are interested in meeting Kris Heimerdinger tomorrow night at the Provo Library. Eli wants to take all 10 of the Nephites in Tennis Shoes to have him sign them. I think 2 would be more acceptable. We shall see.

After speech, we went to Deseret Book Store and I found a nice framed picture 75 % off. I don't know which wall to hang it on. I also found a landscape picture at DI on Saturday that I am going to repaint the frame gold and find a new mate and give the landscape a little update and I think it will be lovely again. I also purchased the Teachings of the Prophets. Wow, Joseph Fielding Smith wrote a lot. These will be interesting and it's part of building the Lord's Library in our home too, along with a classic library. Of course the teaching of the prophets of God are classics and I think classics are what God wants for our family to read.. So it's all going to work out just fine.

We saw our former rooster at Woolsey's Dairy this morning. The kids are happy to see that he is still alive and they think that our other rooster down in Pinguitch is probably doing well too.

I am happy. We held Family Home Evening. I gave our theme lesson on Purpose for this month. It ties in to our Sunday discussion about personal missions. We each have a purpose to our existence and the Holy Ghost can guide us to that purpose as we seek, receive, and listen, and then act on those promptings. It went well I think. I also read the poem which is in book form with bright solid pictures called The Touch Of The Masters Hand.

Gove took Beth on a date, I had personal interviews with Tia and Eli. I tell you, Eli is on a roll today. He had a plan for improvement this week, for his purpose this week and for a skill this week. Now if we can only get him to use deodorant every morning and take a shower 3 times per week. Poor boy he just turned 10 and the sweet glands seem to be kicking in for him.

This is the good life God wants us to live. It feels good. It feels peaceful.

Thank you....


Hammy said...

It is so wonderful to hear you are doing well and everyone is happy. I enjoy reading your posts, it feels just like visiting with you in person. What an inspiration you are. You do all the things I wish I did but never take the time to do. Keep it up!

Nickie said...

Hey Hammy!
I could never of tried this when my kids were as little as yours are now. Plus you are way ahead because of the classics you have read. Just hang on, your time will come again or you just start to make the time for greater learning.