Monday, September 3, 2007

T'was The Night Before School....

Our daughters decided last night to for go attending Liberty Girls this fall because of an active family schedule. I called Laura with the news. I am hopeful that she can use the money as scholarships for 2 other girls. This is a relief. I knew something was going to change and this was it. I am grateful to my girls to be able to make this decision for themselves.

I had felt for 3 days to call Leah and see if I could help anyway with the seminar. I can! So, I'm going to bring a veggie tray. I think it is interesting that I am so looking forward to the seminar. Jennie and 2 other teachers are coming as well.

I was working outside with Gove today. We cut a tree stump using a long saw. It is 6 feet and it takes 2 people to use it properly. It's called the 2 Man Cross Cut Saw. We think we might have a chance at taking 1st place in next years Mountain Man tournament. We did a nice job together. While we were working, our kids would bring water, and then bless their little hearts, they made meat and tomato sandwiches for us. The bread was homemade, so the slices were about 1.5 inches thick. They did a lovely job and we felt cared by there actions.

For Family Home Evening, we continued on the development of our family unity. We decided on a family hymn for the next year, family motto, cheer, and a family fun song. We are thinking about a symbol for us. And then we will develop a very short belief statement for our family.

Hymn: The Star Spangled Banner
Motto: Allens...We Get The Job Done!
Cheer: I am, I can, I ought, I will
Fun Song: Veggie Tales Cheese Burger song

Gove gave a blessing to each child and will give me one too at some point. We went out on a family date for ice cream of course at Macy's as the little BYU Creamery was closed.

To bed now.

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