Saturday, September 15, 2007

Saying Something More Meaningful...

I was just about to sleep last night when I realized that my post seemed like a generic response to the day. Here is what I should of said...

On the way home from SLC, I glanced back at the kids and found each asleep. I had a sudden vision and imagined that our kids are going to be great scholars in the scholar phase and I would be here to see it. What does it mean? I don't know, but if I can instill this vision that our kids can enter and be successful in their scholar phase of their educations then wonderful.

I'm grateful to be on a better path today then I was a few years ago. Why does it seem that you wish you had started a better path years earlier but also realize that you were not ready earlier?

We are reading How Children Learn. It was slow reading in the beginning. I think because he was telling of experiences with very little children and I did not see that with our babies. But know we are listening to him describe children beginning to read and how they make up words to fit their understandings. He shared about writing words and posting them on the objects with that name.
What I am getting at this point is to let the kids read and write their way and if they ask for help then give it or if they are struggling to offer my help but let them try. Today the kids are making books and Eli asked how to spell some words. I saw he had spelt some incorrectly but as they sounded. I did not correct this because I want to see his progress over the next year and for him to see where he is correcting himself. Same for the girls.

One other thing to get out of my mind. While at our Thursday tutorial, we had a group discussion about what is influencing us to move toward greatness and how do we inspire greatness in others. I had an idea to share but at the last moment 2 other books came into my mind. The first was Pilgrim's Progress. I read this book in New Orleans and the idea of a burden on my shoulders made me realize that I carried a burden. A couple of years ago I was blessed to be released from that burden I had carried so long. After Pilgrim's Progress, I read Little Women. I did not realize that Pilgrims Progress would be mentioned there, so I was pleasantly surprised and grateful for the examples of the March family, in particular Marme who learned with the help of her husband and faith in Jesus to over come her anger. This has been constant reminder for me. I think these are the 2 novels that helped to get me started, along with a self help book called, He Did Deliver Me From Bondage.
At one point Melissa mentioned a dream of her uncles. He saw pictures of his family including 2 children they did not yet have. As he passed by the pictures he saw a person by the TV, in the dream this being was an angle of darkness trying to get this mans family to come to the TV. Melissa used the word demon to describe the being. What I want to say is that as she was sharing this before she got to describing the being, I started to get one of the most chilling goose pimple sensation and I knew this is true that the programs on the television has the means to trap my family. Later Thursday night I mentioned this to Gove. He said he had the same sensation that I did. We both agreed that we have to be careful and selective of everything we are bringing into our home.

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