Friday, September 14, 2007

Singing Les Mis With My Children

As we drove to Salt Lake City late this morning, I and the kids were singing along with the performers of the Broadway production of Les Mis. My heart was lifted when Eli and Beth both agreed that they 'really liked' watching Jean Valjean and Javert sing and everyone else too when we attended the production at the UofU this summer. What was nice about today's experience was that I could give them deeper emotional meanings to what was being sung because I had experienced the book. We talked about the pain of being poor and Fantine becoming a prostitute and having to sell her love to a man because there was no help for mothers and children which lead to talking about our bodies as temples and Heavenly Father's love for us... we talked about Marius, Cosette, and Eponine and what happened between the three of them and how ones love for a person is not always reciprocated...Gavroche who was turned away by his parents and lived on the streets and created a home for himself inside the belly of a huge elephant statue. There is an elephant statue at the zoo and so we imagined what that would be like to live inside. There was more, it was rewarding to have read this book and to be able to share with my kids and to have them interested in understanding the plot.

We arrived home in time to start work on our dinner. Grandma Allen, Gove's mom came and so did Franz Johansen. We had a nice visit and dinner. Franz has welcomed us to come to his studio and he will mentor us in the art of drawing, sculptor, and making clay. We felt we should seek him out for help with the frustrations that the kids are having about drawing to get your figures to look a certain way or show more action. This may be that step in the right direction for us.

This morning at some point I thought I need to look into Chess for Eli and Beth. They belonged to a group in New Orleans for a little while. My personal epiphany is to find a Chess mentor and look into the possibility of other boys and girls being interested.

I worked with Gove this morning after my 2 mile walk, we finished placing the last 2 guard rails along the south side of the property. We are going to have a nice yard in a couple of summers.

-Sleep calls me. Good night to you.

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