Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Start and Finish....

Jan Vermeer 17th century Holland

Mattia woke me at 4:20am. She was cold. I turned the fan off in the kids room and saw that Eli was missing and his bed was stripped. I could not find him in any of the beds upstairs. I went down stairs, he wasn't in the laundry room or the living room or any where. I was getting a little concerned now. Was he sleep walking outside? I woke Gove up and while he was coming to help I went back into the bedrooms, turned lights on and found him sunk into the mattress which is a select comfort and low on air. So much for sleep again for me.

Since I was awake, I decided to get on up and go to the temple. I made it to the 5:45 am session! Wow, I thought 6am was the earliest. I continue to feel faith and power in praying on behalf of the needs of others. I was home by 7:45 am and Gove was able to leave for the day.

This mornings devotional was based on 2 epiphanies I had while at the temple. One was to share about the 3 degrees of glory. the second was to start reading 15 minutes from the writings of the Prophets. I started with Joseph Smith. I also read Geneve Foster's World Birthday's and we read about Egypt. In the Joseph Smith writing we read that Abraham taught astronomy to the Egyptians ( see Pearl of Great Price). That was a nice tie in. We also learned about Jan Vermeer of Holland. An artist of the 17th century. I like his light and blue colors of the Kitchen Maid, The Geographer.
This afternoon, we went to the zoo again with our neighbors who invited us. It's good fellowshipping.

After crative dance for the girls tonight we went out for dinner. On the way home, we could see flashes of light up on the "Y". this week is Homecoming and when we got home, we watched the "Y" light up for the celebration. We saw the lights on last year but we did not see the lights turned on until now.

What a nice day with my family. All 3 kids sent letters to cousins this morning. I did not ask at all. Bethany started and the other 2 followed, each doing something different. I decided to write names of different household objects on 3x5 cards. I am posting them on the named items and will see how the children respond to the idea or if they will write names. An idea from this book we are reading currently.

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