Monday, October 29, 2007

Who Are Your Heroes?

noun: the principal character in a play or movie or novel or poem
noun: a man distinguished by exceptional courage and nobility and strength
noun: someone who fights for a cause
Last but not Lest: noun: a large sandwich made of a long crusty roll split lengthwise and filled with meats and cheese (and tomato and onion and lettuce and condiments); different names are used in different sections of the United States

Last Sunday, as in 2 Sundays ago I was wondering who my heroes are and decided to post the results 1 week later. Sorry to be so late. Before I say some of my heroes because it's not a complete list. I am sure it will grow as I ponder and learn more.

However, I want to mention that I am now using the CPAP machine. It's been one week. I am adjusting to the head harness and facial/nasal mask and I think I am sleeping a little better although I continue to awake tired in the morning I am able to make it through the day with out feeling tired for the past three days. I am feeling hopeful that I might have the positive results of others in 3-4 weeks. What I really hope for is to awake feeling refreshed. I can only imagine the feeling.

Now, back to my growing list of heroes. And let me clarify that I am not including everyone right now....
1. The Apostle Paul: He immediately changed and served faithfully.
2. Lucy Mack Smith: mother of Joseph. Small in stature, I think of her as a great force to inspire her son, believe in her son and follow the Lord.
3. Joseph Smith: faith, courage, forgiveness, love, friend.
4.Eli Widger: my 5th great grandfather who served twice in the Revolutionary War.
5.King Benjamin, his son Mosiah, and Alma the Younger: They each gave me courage to over come the chains of my personal bondage.
6. Joan of Arc: amazing young lady who accepted her mission.
7. Abraham and Sarah Clark: understand the cost of public virtue and were willing to pay.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

New Provo-Orem Reading and Colloquium Group

Greetings Fellow TJEDers:

We have started a reading and colloquium group. All are invited to participate. We currently plan to choose one article published by George Wythe College each month, this Thursday will be “A Thomas Jefferson Education in our Home: Educating Through the Phases of Learning” by Rachel DeMille. We will also be choosing fiction and non-fiction books; next Thursday is “The One-Minute Teacher” by Constance and Spencer Johnson. We will be devoting one Thursday a month to readings on government—we're beginning with the Federalist Papers (nice and easy, starting with Federalist 1 and 2 on November 29).

The goal of the group is two fold. First is to establish a group to further the educations of adult home educators. Second is to develop a community for transitional and scholar-aged young adults.

We have structured the group so that individuals who are not able to come to a weekly meeting can choose to attend only the colloquia of most interest. For example, the busy beginner may choose to participate in only the George Wythe Articles, or the adult who is not a homeschool educator may choose only the government colloquia.

This Thursday we plan to fill in some of the future schedule, so come and help shape the direction of the group. We will meet from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. in our home at 854 N 1375 West, Provo. We are making long-term arrangements for child care. Please email me () if you need to bring your child or children this Thursday so I can be sure we are covered.

We are looking forward to developing a long-term group that can work together to meet the needs of TJEd families in the valley. Call or email me for more information.

Hoping to see you soon:

Nickie Allen

Friday, October 26, 2007

Happy Birthday !

Happy Birthday Gove!
Happy Birthday Daddy!
Happy Birthday Uncle Gove!
Happy Birthday Brother!
Happy Birthday Son!

I love Gove because he is 100% committed to the principles of a Thomas Jefferson Education for the 21st Century. I love Gove because he wants us to inspire our children. I love Gove because he has never questioned my spending habits. I pay the bills and he does the taxes. It works great.
I love Gove because he serves the Lord faithfully in his callings and Home Teaching. I love him because he helps other women who have no husbands to fix things or move things or pick up large items with his big truck.
I love Gove because he just wants to be home with his family.

Happy Birthday Govester. You are my lovester.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Surpries, Surprise...

A couple of weeks ago I had a sleep study test. Today I received the results and it appears that I have moderate sleep apnea. My oxygen dropped to 80 % often during REM sleep which caused me to come out of REM sleep and probably contributed to over arousal activity of the brain during these episodes which might be why I don't get the restful sleep I need.
So tonight I try the CPAP machine and give it a shot for the next month. I can't begin to say how I hope for improvement. This device has helped others to feel better when they awake in the morning. Can it happen for me too? Time will tell.

This evening we help a gathering for TJed mined parents as a step towards building an educational community for ourselves and children. We discussed the Market Based Education and The New Commonwealth School. It was decided that we would continue this group that Deby has given so much time to start and develop. THANKS DEBY J. We have the momentum so we are going to make some changes and add a lecture from GWC, the Federalist Papers, and initiate a cottage type meetings that will benefit families new to TJed, problems parents are having, just what ever is needed at that time. We will continue to do at lest 2 books each month unless we see a need to change. The reason for this colloqiua is to begin the 'Gathering Phase' of a commonwealth community within Provo and try to bring parents and children together to have developed in a couple of years the trust and knowledge necessary to provide mentors and support for our children through the Transition and Scholar phases and maybe before these stages through Mom schools.

This afternoon our family was invited to watch our neighbor shot his cannon which is a 1863 replica 1/3 the scale size. I think it's called a Muzzle Loader cannon. Our neighbor, Philip made this cannon and the cartridges that are shot out as well. I have pictures. Will post tomorrow. The Cannon family that is their last name, came as well. Philip knew I wanted to meet the Cannons who are TJed learners as well. So Philip brought us together and we started talking and Shannon came to the colloquium this evening. I am confident she will be a worthy guide for us.

Tomorrow is my husbands birthday. I am so glad that Gove likes to tease me and give me hards times so that I can smile and laugh with him. I think he likes me to get frazzled when he teases me. I just find myself or rather I find both of us blessed beyond measure in our marriage to each other. I'm also thankful that I asked Gove to attend the book group and now he is seeing the benefit and need to help and do our part for our educations. I love you Gove. Thanks for your help.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Oh That I Could Express My Thoughts With The Most Eloquent Words...

Teaching Moment by Lynde Mott

There's so much I want to say and wish I could type the most eloquent narration of my day. At last I am weak and ignorant and have much to learn. Forgive me will you? And try to catch the amazement and wonder of learning and sharing with other moms.

Yesterday we learned that our 5 Pillar Tutorial leader would need to cancel the remainder of the groups colloquiums. Gove and I have decided to start a book discussion group and continue with the members from the previous setting. The reason we are willing to step up and do this is due to our new insights from our readings. We recently finished Market Based Education and just completed The New Commonwealth School.

I am interested in the idea of starting the 'gathering' phase for a future commonwealth community in our area and I think the book group is one way to start. We were discussing last night that we could use lectures from GWC, classics old and new, and presentations. I would love to have Donna Goff to share insight for us. I don't know if this will come to pass it's just ideas in my mind right now and we are so new to this way of thinking. We have everything to gain and much to loss if we don't try. We attended the tutorial for 13 months so I feel confident that we can be facilitators for the discussions.

This afternoon was Elijah's Knights of Freedom club. We read Robert E. Lee from the Famous Childhood Series. I did not know that Lee married the step granddaughter of George Washington. He was leader of West Point before the Civil War, fought in the American Mexican War, and after the Civil war was President of Washington College that was later called Washington and Lee University. Today, Lynde Mott who is one of the co-advisers did a beautiful presentation of Civil War era. She is the artist shown above and she is amazing in her skills, elocution, and over all presentation. As the boys were playing after her examples from that time we started to talk as mothers and just started to explore the beauty of providing empowerment to our children for their education. We talked about trusting our children to make plans for their learning,...Darn, why can't I remember what we talked about I have been waiting all day to write this and now I'm blank! I shared about the idea of commonwealth school idea and mom schools. I suggested she read for a general beginners idea the 2 books I have previously mentioned in this blog.
What was neat is that Lynde is seeing the need to change and I and Rebecca shared the good things that have been happening for us by trusting. It's true that this type of educational change does feel fearful because it goes against the German type of education that the American school systems are patterned after. The 'conveyor belt' method of teaching. It takes a while to find with the Help of God what is right for that time frame in the lives of your children and your education as well.
I talked about my negative traits that I have carried from my childhood and my realization of how those traits were hurting my testimony of motherhood as well as the emotions of our children. I'm so thankful to be healing with help from God the Father and his son Jesus Christ. It is so wonderful to see daily living in a simpler less complicated light. I feel happier. God created man that he/she might have joy. I feel joy in daily activities with the kids and ....Security not Stress. I love the sense of security that is building and the decrease in the stress levels for me. Some days the stress is high but I wonder if that has something to do with my own expectations that are unrealistic in nature and contrary to the will of God. That's probably key for me.

Our cousins have arrived from Ramona Ca. Their home town is still under evacuation and can not return as of this time. Tomorrow we need to celebrate Gavin and Chloe's birthday.

What about Gove! We have been friends for almost 13 years. When Gove is working on the house he just wants me to be with him so that he isn't alone. Sometimes I'm sure he wants me to be next to him so I can pick up everything that falls but I don't mind. This summer we were building a wall with guard rails. It was nice to have a husband who would listen to my ideas at how to solve a problem.

Thanks for hearing me.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Husband, Father, And A Great Dad Too...

Yea, this is my next reason why I love my husband. He has provided a comfortable life and has made life pleasant when things were difficult. I love Gove because he was willing to have our children close together while getting his PhD. We were so poor we called our first daughter Bethany. Her name has more then one meaning and the meaning we chose was house of poverty. It also means house of dates and she is cute, but we were so poor poverty fitted better.
I appreciate the father of my children because he takes an active roll in their education, discipline, and developing ways to improve our family. After attending a GWC seminar we implimented the Family Executive Council, Weekly Interviews, 6 Month Inventory and 6 Month No. This has been inspiring in the results and the direction we are taking for education, family life, work, and play.
I love Gove because he is concerned about being a Dad who actually plays on the floor with his kids. I think he does much better then me which is a sad thing to say since I'm home all day with the kids. I have to force myself to play horses. Why is that so hard? Another area I want to improve upon so that my daughters can do better when they have children.

Thank you Gove.


Happy 7th Birthday Mattia!

We had a fun day with Tia. After dance class she decided to go to the nickel arcade. Grandma Allen came from SLC and celebrated the evening with us. We love you!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Birthday Week Mania!

Let me start out by saying that I still love my husband, even though we had a minor miscommunication this morning. It naturally, mostly, kind of to a degree was his fault. I was misunderstood. I wondered how I was going to write something meaningful when my feathers were raised.
However, one of the reasons I'm appreciative of Gove is his ability to say 'I'm Sorry'.
I have had a hard head for many years prior to our marriage and frankly I still do but I am grateful to have the desire in me to want to apologize when I hurt his feelings. My husband has taught me this through his example. Gove has learned to control his tongue and can think first and decide if what he has to say is worth while. If it isn't, he doesn't say something. 42 years old and I'm still learning this.

I wanted to say thank you for that second faucet you installed on the kitchen sink. I love getting water from two sources at the same time. How many wifes can say that!
Birthday Mania! Mattia turns 7 tomorrow. We hear the cousins from San Diego are on their way in an attempt for fresh air and the twins turn 8 on Thursday, then Gove on Friday.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Because I Love Him...

This Friday, my husband will celebrate his 39th birthday. I have decided to post a daily message that expresses why I not only love Gove but really like him as a sort of birthday gift.

Let me start with the reason I married him. When I was 27 I was bugging God by often asking when I would find my right man. During one of my nagging prayers it was brought into my mind that my husband would come when I turned 30. I was so sure of this feeling that I did not doubt it again. Less then 1 month before my 30th birthday Gove asked me on a date.
One of the reasons why I like my husband so much is because of his kindness to me. On that first date we went to the Old Spaghetti Factory in SLC and then he took me on a carriage ride. While on the ride Gove told me the funniest story about an alligator wrestler who finally quites while he's a head. What a silly story but I didn't hold it against him.
Here is my point. That night I went home and said my bed time prayer. I thanked my Heavenly Father for this nice man who took me on a date. And as I said this, I was over come with the most incredible warmth in my chest I had ever experienced. I knew at this very moment this was the man God had planned for me to marry. I did not love him but I said yes to my Father. For 12 years and 5 months I have expressed my thanks to my Father in prayer or in my heart for the day He brought us together. Never a regret. I like my husband just as he is. Don't get me wrong, sometimes I am frustrated but that's because of my own unmeant expectations or lack of communication. When ever we are apart I can't wait to be together again. I feel so protected and safe with my 6'6" husband near by. He is the man for time and all eternity.

Thank you Gove, I love you.

Welcome, Welcome, Sabbath Morning...

I read somewhere, I did not write the source down, that our great grandfathers called Sunday the Holy Sabbath, our grandfathers called it the Sabbath, our fathers called it Sunday and today we call it 'the weekend'.
I am so thankful that today it the Holy Sabbath. I have prayed all week looking forward to partaking of the sacrament, and opening my heart so that the prompting of the Holy Spirit my enter into my heart and mind. Finally the day has come.
I have enjoyed our assigned Sunday School reading for this week, Acts 21-28. Paul is wonderful in my eyes. First he doubted who it was talking to him on the road to Damascus and then he knew and immediately was willing to go and do as he was commanded of the Lord. He knew he would be healed through the priesthood authority. And off he goes to preach and spread truth. He was now involved in the mission that God had prepared for him. Paul is faithful to the end and continues to serve even when he is a prisoner being sent to Caesar for trial. Complete steadfastness. I;m adding Paul to my list of heroes.
Who are my heroes? I'm going to think about this this week and next Sunday I am going to present who my heroes are. So stay tuned...

Did you see that Utah received snow on the valley floor last night? It is beautiful to behold the mountains dressed in white. The kids want to decorate for Christmas now but I think we will wait until later in November.
This is going to be a wonderful week I am excited to be a mom and a wife in our family. How grateful I am to be becoming. Which reminds me, Dallin Oaks has a talk I found yesterday entitled 'The Challenge to Become'. It's my reading for tonight. I hope it will be a blessing to my desire to become as my Father in Heaven wants me to be.

God bless all of you.

Friday, October 19, 2007

My First Field Trip Coordination Experience...

About 1 month ago, there was a posting at Homeschool Friends for someone to coordinate a field trip to a corn maze. I took the kids last year and had a fun time so I decided to step up and take responsibility for the activity. It wasn't difficult to organize and this morning we meet with other family's and had about 50+ people show up at the Thanksgiving Point Cornbelly's Corn Maze. It was fun. I jumped with the kids on something called a 'jumping pillow' like a trampoline but arched and very large. We went through the maze and managed to find the exit before we found all the check points. Took a hay ride and brought home 3 large pumpkins. All of us have slight sun burns, it was nice to be a mom playing with my children.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I Can Have Peace...

Today I felt like I was slippy down that slippery slope of not getting anything accomplished. I took this distorted thought and sewed it away. Within 50 minutes I had 3 pairs of pants mended and a letter in the mail, a book ordered and I was ready to help Mattia start her dinner. I felt better. I can be peaceful even when things are out of place. Besides what can I expect when trying to catch up after being away from home for a week and then last night I went to a Sleep Clinic to sleep all night while hooked up to wires and gadgets. I felt like I had maybe 4 hours of sleep. I dreamed or could tell my mind was thinking all night. At lest that's what it felt like but the reality is that I must have had 6-7 hours of sleep. Perhaps the tests will indicate something that will explain my lack of waking up refreshed.

I think I was feeling a lack of my morning routine. I have to walk on the treadmill, have my personal scripture study and then my daily planning before I tackle the world with the kids. All three were missing today. I rely so heavily upon Gove to be home in the morning until 8:00 or 8:30 am to have breakfast for the kids but this morning he went in early. We survived.

Bethany and Mattia provided meals the past 2 nights. Beth made pancakes last night and Mattia learned how to make a white sauce for pasta tonight with Gove. Mattia included broccoli and carrots. Our first meal in three nights that included greens. Eli tells me he is cooking things that I would not normally let us have. I am giving more veggies during lunch to make up for the difference. I would guess we are still short on our daily requirements all the same.

Time to read with Gove? Maybe sleep is more needed.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Home Again, Home Again Jiggety Jig...

I drove 12 hours straight and made it back to SLC last night about 8:30pm. I and the children had a wonderful time visiting Grandma and Grandma in Chewelah, Washington. We saw many Wild Turkeys, deer, Flickers, Ravens, and 1 Golden Eagle which is huge when your only about 20 feet from it taking flight. Grandpa and the kids had a camp fire/bonfire four days running. the kids never needed a match after the fire was started. So with so much fire you have to have Smore's and Hot Dogs. Luckily the hot dogs was just twice. The panhandle of Idaho was gorgeous. The colors of autumn on fire were amazing. That area is breathtaking.
So after 6 days in the mountains north of Spokane, I think some mountain property will be so nice to acquire in the next couple of years.
Can I just say that the love for learning our children have been having is still going strong! Bethany started writing a book this evening, she read what she had written for her elocution. Eli planned dinner, went shopping with me as did his sisters plan a meal and shop as well. Eli made French Fries and raw carrots. the whole frying process took 2 hours so dinner was stretched out. but we had fun, Eli made some suggestions for himself and we all said what we liked about the meal. Bethany says she is making pancakes for dinner tomorrow. Mattia recited a poem about a nail and then she made up a story about a handle of a hammer and what happened because of the want of the handle for the hammer. It's cute. The kids passed a request for a new family fun song. Apparently a few weeks ago they took a Larry Boy song about being a hero and changed it to the allen kids being heroes. They presented their cause, say their song and it was so good we all voted yes for the new change. And they thought I would vote no.
I am currently reading Princess Academy to the kids. I think this story fits in well with another book I'm reading about teaching moral values to children through fairy tales and fantasy. It's interesting. And I've learned new insight into the story of Beauty and the Beast.
Mattia is so excited that your 7th birthday is next Tuesday. She changes her mind so much as to what she wants to do that I don't know what she is expecting at this point. I'm confident that she will know by next Monday.
It would seen that the Canaries, fish, and chickens survived the week without us. I don't know about other people but we have Box Elders all over the house again. so I had Accurate pest control come sray the house down hopefully that will kill them and keep them from nesting behind the siding.
Oh, a funny thing while talking with my mom. there is this story about the time I was going to the bathroom out in the woods and at the top of the hill was a mother bear with two cubs. We all should know that a mother bear is very protective and will strike in order to protect her babies. So my mom has never changed her use of words when telling about me using the great out doors as a bathroom. And when she shared this story with the same rude words, I realized how Elizabeth and Jane felt in Pride and Prejudice when they are embaressed for the talk of their mother. It was kind of funny after I had a book I could relate to the characters with and so I just smiled and thought, well at lest I love her.
It's good to be home with my husband and back to regualr family life.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Our First 6 Month Inventory

When Gove and I attended the Face to Face with Greatness seminar in September, Oliver DeMille spoke about initiating a weekly Family Executive Council meeting, Weekly Interviews with each child, and the 6 Month Inventory. We decided to use General Conference weekend as our inventory date. Neither of us was sure how to do this. I had thought of 7 areas and we had a few ideas that Oliver suggested. With prayer, I just went for it. Two hours later I came away excited and looking forward to Sunday evening when I and Gove would share what we discovered.
It turns out that Gove used this method to show what could be accomplished to strengthen weaknesses. And I wrote based on how I see them progressing in these different areas. Ultimately we were guided to new ideas to help empower our children and continue to develop their Core phase of education. We also realized it's this inventory we will use when discussing the needs of each child during our weekly meetings. This helps to deepen the significance of why we are making this commitment to get together and discuss the needs of each child.
I think this exercise in faith has allowed me to see our children in a new light. They are talented, they are learning and they are contributing members in our family and society. I love Elijah, Bethany, and Mattia.

For a week prior to General Conference we have encouraged our children and selves to pray for those speaking that our hearts would be softened to the teaching and witness by the Holy Ghost. Gove and I found this to be our best in a long while of conferences and Gove said the Priesthood session was the best he has attended maybe ever. I am so looking forward to next months Ensign to have FHE lessons based from some of the talks.

My Dad and Kathy came last night and spent the night. It was nice to let the kids see him and talk a little with him. Now that I am going to Chewelah Washington tomorrow I feel fortunate to have seen my Dad prior to going.

I finished Pride and Prejudice. My thoughts will have to come later. I need sleep.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

What does King Lear and the LDS Humanitarian Center have in common?

Well not a lot actually. But we did attend both today. This morning I took our kids and 6 other women from church to the Humanitarian Center in SLC for a tour regarding the help offered around the world and the needs for assistance at the present time. Can you believe that last year over 1 million hygiene kits were donated, 300,000+ school kits, and 130,000+ newborn kits. We decided to help donate to the new born needs this fall and winter so we were given material already cut out for 15 new born gowns, booties, hats, slippers for children to adults and a pattern for making soft balls for children. this Thursday will be our first sewing day and I hope to have at lest 2 other sisters come and help start the process going in the right direction.

This evening Grandma Allen who volunteers at the Humanitarian Center and was a great help to us this morning, came down to see King Lear with us. I really enjoyed the production and the kids said it was great. We understood everything happening because of Charles and Mary Lambs book Shakespeare for children. After the way his 2 older daughters treated him, King Lear could have really used the help of humanitarian aid which I guess he did get in the form of the King of France and the Earl of Kent.

Tomorrow I am getting up to the mountains with the kids after speech class for Tia. We can collect autumn colored leaves and acorns and who knows what else.

I have just updated journals to my section of I have added Theater, Clubs, Home Education you can see pictures in these categories.