Monday, October 22, 2007

Birthday Week Mania!

Let me start out by saying that I still love my husband, even though we had a minor miscommunication this morning. It naturally, mostly, kind of to a degree was his fault. I was misunderstood. I wondered how I was going to write something meaningful when my feathers were raised.
However, one of the reasons I'm appreciative of Gove is his ability to say 'I'm Sorry'.
I have had a hard head for many years prior to our marriage and frankly I still do but I am grateful to have the desire in me to want to apologize when I hurt his feelings. My husband has taught me this through his example. Gove has learned to control his tongue and can think first and decide if what he has to say is worth while. If it isn't, he doesn't say something. 42 years old and I'm still learning this.

I wanted to say thank you for that second faucet you installed on the kitchen sink. I love getting water from two sources at the same time. How many wifes can say that!
Birthday Mania! Mattia turns 7 tomorrow. We hear the cousins from San Diego are on their way in an attempt for fresh air and the twins turn 8 on Thursday, then Gove on Friday.

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