Monday, October 15, 2007

Home Again, Home Again Jiggety Jig...

I drove 12 hours straight and made it back to SLC last night about 8:30pm. I and the children had a wonderful time visiting Grandma and Grandma in Chewelah, Washington. We saw many Wild Turkeys, deer, Flickers, Ravens, and 1 Golden Eagle which is huge when your only about 20 feet from it taking flight. Grandpa and the kids had a camp fire/bonfire four days running. the kids never needed a match after the fire was started. So with so much fire you have to have Smore's and Hot Dogs. Luckily the hot dogs was just twice. The panhandle of Idaho was gorgeous. The colors of autumn on fire were amazing. That area is breathtaking.
So after 6 days in the mountains north of Spokane, I think some mountain property will be so nice to acquire in the next couple of years.
Can I just say that the love for learning our children have been having is still going strong! Bethany started writing a book this evening, she read what she had written for her elocution. Eli planned dinner, went shopping with me as did his sisters plan a meal and shop as well. Eli made French Fries and raw carrots. the whole frying process took 2 hours so dinner was stretched out. but we had fun, Eli made some suggestions for himself and we all said what we liked about the meal. Bethany says she is making pancakes for dinner tomorrow. Mattia recited a poem about a nail and then she made up a story about a handle of a hammer and what happened because of the want of the handle for the hammer. It's cute. The kids passed a request for a new family fun song. Apparently a few weeks ago they took a Larry Boy song about being a hero and changed it to the allen kids being heroes. They presented their cause, say their song and it was so good we all voted yes for the new change. And they thought I would vote no.
I am currently reading Princess Academy to the kids. I think this story fits in well with another book I'm reading about teaching moral values to children through fairy tales and fantasy. It's interesting. And I've learned new insight into the story of Beauty and the Beast.
Mattia is so excited that your 7th birthday is next Tuesday. She changes her mind so much as to what she wants to do that I don't know what she is expecting at this point. I'm confident that she will know by next Monday.
It would seen that the Canaries, fish, and chickens survived the week without us. I don't know about other people but we have Box Elders all over the house again. so I had Accurate pest control come sray the house down hopefully that will kill them and keep them from nesting behind the siding.
Oh, a funny thing while talking with my mom. there is this story about the time I was going to the bathroom out in the woods and at the top of the hill was a mother bear with two cubs. We all should know that a mother bear is very protective and will strike in order to protect her babies. So my mom has never changed her use of words when telling about me using the great out doors as a bathroom. And when she shared this story with the same rude words, I realized how Elizabeth and Jane felt in Pride and Prejudice when they are embaressed for the talk of their mother. It was kind of funny after I had a book I could relate to the characters with and so I just smiled and thought, well at lest I love her.
It's good to be home with my husband and back to regualr family life.

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