Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Husband, Father, And A Great Dad Too...

Yea, this is my next reason why I love my husband. He has provided a comfortable life and has made life pleasant when things were difficult. I love Gove because he was willing to have our children close together while getting his PhD. We were so poor we called our first daughter Bethany. Her name has more then one meaning and the meaning we chose was house of poverty. It also means house of dates and she is cute, but we were so poor poverty fitted better.
I appreciate the father of my children because he takes an active roll in their education, discipline, and developing ways to improve our family. After attending a GWC seminar we implimented the Family Executive Council, Weekly Interviews, 6 Month Inventory and 6 Month No. This has been inspiring in the results and the direction we are taking for education, family life, work, and play.
I love Gove because he is concerned about being a Dad who actually plays on the floor with his kids. I think he does much better then me which is a sad thing to say since I'm home all day with the kids. I have to force myself to play horses. Why is that so hard? Another area I want to improve upon so that my daughters can do better when they have children.

Thank you Gove.


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