Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I Can Have Peace...

Today I felt like I was slippy down that slippery slope of not getting anything accomplished. I took this distorted thought and sewed it away. Within 50 minutes I had 3 pairs of pants mended and a letter in the mail, a book ordered and I was ready to help Mattia start her dinner. I felt better. I can be peaceful even when things are out of place. Besides what can I expect when trying to catch up after being away from home for a week and then last night I went to a Sleep Clinic to sleep all night while hooked up to wires and gadgets. I felt like I had maybe 4 hours of sleep. I dreamed or could tell my mind was thinking all night. At lest that's what it felt like but the reality is that I must have had 6-7 hours of sleep. Perhaps the tests will indicate something that will explain my lack of waking up refreshed.

I think I was feeling a lack of my morning routine. I have to walk on the treadmill, have my personal scripture study and then my daily planning before I tackle the world with the kids. All three were missing today. I rely so heavily upon Gove to be home in the morning until 8:00 or 8:30 am to have breakfast for the kids but this morning he went in early. We survived.

Bethany and Mattia provided meals the past 2 nights. Beth made pancakes last night and Mattia learned how to make a white sauce for pasta tonight with Gove. Mattia included broccoli and carrots. Our first meal in three nights that included greens. Eli tells me he is cooking things that I would not normally let us have. I am giving more veggies during lunch to make up for the difference. I would guess we are still short on our daily requirements all the same.

Time to read with Gove? Maybe sleep is more needed.

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