Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Oh That I Could Express My Thoughts With The Most Eloquent Words...

Teaching Moment by Lynde Mott

There's so much I want to say and wish I could type the most eloquent narration of my day. At last I am weak and ignorant and have much to learn. Forgive me will you? And try to catch the amazement and wonder of learning and sharing with other moms.

Yesterday we learned that our 5 Pillar Tutorial leader would need to cancel the remainder of the groups colloquiums. Gove and I have decided to start a book discussion group and continue with the members from the previous setting. The reason we are willing to step up and do this is due to our new insights from our readings. We recently finished Market Based Education and just completed The New Commonwealth School.

I am interested in the idea of starting the 'gathering' phase for a future commonwealth community in our area and I think the book group is one way to start. We were discussing last night that we could use lectures from GWC, classics old and new, and presentations. I would love to have Donna Goff to share insight for us. I don't know if this will come to pass it's just ideas in my mind right now and we are so new to this way of thinking. We have everything to gain and much to loss if we don't try. We attended the tutorial for 13 months so I feel confident that we can be facilitators for the discussions.

This afternoon was Elijah's Knights of Freedom club. We read Robert E. Lee from the Famous Childhood Series. I did not know that Lee married the step granddaughter of George Washington. He was leader of West Point before the Civil War, fought in the American Mexican War, and after the Civil war was President of Washington College that was later called Washington and Lee University. Today, Lynde Mott who is one of the co-advisers did a beautiful presentation of Civil War era. She is the artist shown above and she is amazing in her skills, elocution, and over all presentation. As the boys were playing after her examples from that time we started to talk as mothers and just started to explore the beauty of providing empowerment to our children for their education. We talked about trusting our children to make plans for their learning,...Darn, why can't I remember what we talked about I have been waiting all day to write this and now I'm blank! I shared about the idea of commonwealth school idea and mom schools. I suggested she read for a general beginners idea the 2 books I have previously mentioned in this blog.
What was neat is that Lynde is seeing the need to change and I and Rebecca shared the good things that have been happening for us by trusting. It's true that this type of educational change does feel fearful because it goes against the German type of education that the American school systems are patterned after. The 'conveyor belt' method of teaching. It takes a while to find with the Help of God what is right for that time frame in the lives of your children and your education as well.
I talked about my negative traits that I have carried from my childhood and my realization of how those traits were hurting my testimony of motherhood as well as the emotions of our children. I'm so thankful to be healing with help from God the Father and his son Jesus Christ. It is so wonderful to see daily living in a simpler less complicated light. I feel happier. God created man that he/she might have joy. I feel joy in daily activities with the kids and ....Security not Stress. I love the sense of security that is building and the decrease in the stress levels for me. Some days the stress is high but I wonder if that has something to do with my own expectations that are unrealistic in nature and contrary to the will of God. That's probably key for me.

Our cousins have arrived from Ramona Ca. Their home town is still under evacuation and can not return as of this time. Tomorrow we need to celebrate Gavin and Chloe's birthday.

What about Gove! We have been friends for almost 13 years. When Gove is working on the house he just wants me to be with him so that he isn't alone. Sometimes I'm sure he wants me to be next to him so I can pick up everything that falls but I don't mind. This summer we were building a wall with guard rails. It was nice to have a husband who would listen to my ideas at how to solve a problem.

Thanks for hearing me.

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