Sunday, October 7, 2007

Our First 6 Month Inventory

When Gove and I attended the Face to Face with Greatness seminar in September, Oliver DeMille spoke about initiating a weekly Family Executive Council meeting, Weekly Interviews with each child, and the 6 Month Inventory. We decided to use General Conference weekend as our inventory date. Neither of us was sure how to do this. I had thought of 7 areas and we had a few ideas that Oliver suggested. With prayer, I just went for it. Two hours later I came away excited and looking forward to Sunday evening when I and Gove would share what we discovered.
It turns out that Gove used this method to show what could be accomplished to strengthen weaknesses. And I wrote based on how I see them progressing in these different areas. Ultimately we were guided to new ideas to help empower our children and continue to develop their Core phase of education. We also realized it's this inventory we will use when discussing the needs of each child during our weekly meetings. This helps to deepen the significance of why we are making this commitment to get together and discuss the needs of each child.
I think this exercise in faith has allowed me to see our children in a new light. They are talented, they are learning and they are contributing members in our family and society. I love Elijah, Bethany, and Mattia.

For a week prior to General Conference we have encouraged our children and selves to pray for those speaking that our hearts would be softened to the teaching and witness by the Holy Ghost. Gove and I found this to be our best in a long while of conferences and Gove said the Priesthood session was the best he has attended maybe ever. I am so looking forward to next months Ensign to have FHE lessons based from some of the talks.

My Dad and Kathy came last night and spent the night. It was nice to let the kids see him and talk a little with him. Now that I am going to Chewelah Washington tomorrow I feel fortunate to have seen my Dad prior to going.

I finished Pride and Prejudice. My thoughts will have to come later. I need sleep.

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