Thursday, October 25, 2007

Surpries, Surprise...

A couple of weeks ago I had a sleep study test. Today I received the results and it appears that I have moderate sleep apnea. My oxygen dropped to 80 % often during REM sleep which caused me to come out of REM sleep and probably contributed to over arousal activity of the brain during these episodes which might be why I don't get the restful sleep I need.
So tonight I try the CPAP machine and give it a shot for the next month. I can't begin to say how I hope for improvement. This device has helped others to feel better when they awake in the morning. Can it happen for me too? Time will tell.

This evening we help a gathering for TJed mined parents as a step towards building an educational community for ourselves and children. We discussed the Market Based Education and The New Commonwealth School. It was decided that we would continue this group that Deby has given so much time to start and develop. THANKS DEBY J. We have the momentum so we are going to make some changes and add a lecture from GWC, the Federalist Papers, and initiate a cottage type meetings that will benefit families new to TJed, problems parents are having, just what ever is needed at that time. We will continue to do at lest 2 books each month unless we see a need to change. The reason for this colloqiua is to begin the 'Gathering Phase' of a commonwealth community within Provo and try to bring parents and children together to have developed in a couple of years the trust and knowledge necessary to provide mentors and support for our children through the Transition and Scholar phases and maybe before these stages through Mom schools.

This afternoon our family was invited to watch our neighbor shot his cannon which is a 1863 replica 1/3 the scale size. I think it's called a Muzzle Loader cannon. Our neighbor, Philip made this cannon and the cartridges that are shot out as well. I have pictures. Will post tomorrow. The Cannon family that is their last name, came as well. Philip knew I wanted to meet the Cannons who are TJed learners as well. So Philip brought us together and we started talking and Shannon came to the colloquium this evening. I am confident she will be a worthy guide for us.

Tomorrow is my husbands birthday. I am so glad that Gove likes to tease me and give me hards times so that I can smile and laugh with him. I think he likes me to get frazzled when he teases me. I just find myself or rather I find both of us blessed beyond measure in our marriage to each other. I'm also thankful that I asked Gove to attend the book group and now he is seeing the benefit and need to help and do our part for our educations. I love you Gove. Thanks for your help.

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Kassie said...

I know this is a bit weird, but I got linked to your blog through Donna's blog. My girls attend the Princess Academy. We are new to the TJEd way of educating and I'm trying to find like-minded people to connect with and learn from. Is there a group of families in the Provo area that meets to discuss books and/or have family activities. It sounds like you might know about that from your post. If you have any info you could pass on, I would appreciate it. Thanks and good luck to your family in all. Thanks for your time.
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Kassie Welch