Sunday, October 21, 2007

Welcome, Welcome, Sabbath Morning...

I read somewhere, I did not write the source down, that our great grandfathers called Sunday the Holy Sabbath, our grandfathers called it the Sabbath, our fathers called it Sunday and today we call it 'the weekend'.
I am so thankful that today it the Holy Sabbath. I have prayed all week looking forward to partaking of the sacrament, and opening my heart so that the prompting of the Holy Spirit my enter into my heart and mind. Finally the day has come.
I have enjoyed our assigned Sunday School reading for this week, Acts 21-28. Paul is wonderful in my eyes. First he doubted who it was talking to him on the road to Damascus and then he knew and immediately was willing to go and do as he was commanded of the Lord. He knew he would be healed through the priesthood authority. And off he goes to preach and spread truth. He was now involved in the mission that God had prepared for him. Paul is faithful to the end and continues to serve even when he is a prisoner being sent to Caesar for trial. Complete steadfastness. I;m adding Paul to my list of heroes.
Who are my heroes? I'm going to think about this this week and next Sunday I am going to present who my heroes are. So stay tuned...

Did you see that Utah received snow on the valley floor last night? It is beautiful to behold the mountains dressed in white. The kids want to decorate for Christmas now but I think we will wait until later in November.
This is going to be a wonderful week I am excited to be a mom and a wife in our family. How grateful I am to be becoming. Which reminds me, Dallin Oaks has a talk I found yesterday entitled 'The Challenge to Become'. It's my reading for tonight. I hope it will be a blessing to my desire to become as my Father in Heaven wants me to be.

God bless all of you.

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