Tuesday, October 2, 2007

What does King Lear and the LDS Humanitarian Center have in common?

Well not a lot actually. But we did attend both today. This morning I took our kids and 6 other women from church to the Humanitarian Center in SLC for a tour regarding the help offered around the world and the needs for assistance at the present time. Can you believe that last year over 1 million hygiene kits were donated, 300,000+ school kits, and 130,000+ newborn kits. We decided to help donate to the new born needs this fall and winter so we were given material already cut out for 15 new born gowns, booties, hats, slippers for children to adults and a pattern for making soft balls for children. this Thursday will be our first sewing day and I hope to have at lest 2 other sisters come and help start the process going in the right direction.

This evening Grandma Allen who volunteers at the Humanitarian Center and was a great help to us this morning, came down to see King Lear with us. I really enjoyed the production and the kids said it was great. We understood everything happening because of Charles and Mary Lambs book Shakespeare for children. After the way his 2 older daughters treated him, King Lear could have really used the help of humanitarian aid which I guess he did get in the form of the King of France and the Earl of Kent.

Tomorrow I am getting up to the mountains with the kids after speech class for Tia. We can collect autumn colored leaves and acorns and who knows what else.

I have just updated journals to my section of www.education-exchange.org I have added Theater, Clubs, Home Education you can see pictures in these categories.

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