Saturday, November 24, 2007

Family Work...

It's been some time since our children spent most of Saturday involved with family work. This morning we called our children to work with us in the yard. A couple of Saturdays ago we worked to fill a section of guard rail along the canal with rocks. The kids tried to complain but we don't give in to this type of behavior. This morning we called the children to come work with us. We picked up rocks laying in the dirt in our future driveway. Oh my, was there a lot of complaining! My goodness it was like our children had never worked and believe me, they have had to do work often. I don't know what all the complaining was going to accomplish. It seemed as if Bethany was having trouble with her attitude to most. Finally I hugged her and spoke about choices we make with our thoughts and how they affect our attitude. I also reminded her of Pollyanna and Little Women. Beth stilled had difficulty with her behavior and 3 hours later we had many rocks gathered and the dirt removed from the neighbors yard and we cleaned their property nicer then when we first stored the dirt.
After lunch we took a quick trip to DI (looking for another large sewing table) and Sam's ( to purchase metal shelving units).
We worked about 3 or more hours again this afternoon putting together the shelving units and then bringing all the food storage from upstairs to the cold storage in the basement. Luckily Beth was positive this time.

My back aches and I'm in bed ready for sleep. I had Gove rub Arnica cream on my back to help easy the discomfort.

We had a lovely Thanksgiving Day. We cooked everything from scratch. We finished our turkey at lunch today. And potato's will be gone tomorrow. The only thing we hope for next year is to have a few families come celebrate with us.

The children decorated the Christmas tree yesterday. It is lovely. Gove spent these past 4 days working on the driveway. He can now drive his truck from the upper driveway down and around to the street without stopping to backup to make the turn. It's going to be a lovely yard with landscape.

I bought 4 bolts of flannel at Joann's on Friday. 34 yards of fabric for making receiving blankets. I also bought material for fleece pants for the kids. All is cut out I just need to sew them.

This Wednesday I need to be prepared to present a lesson on Mark Twain and an activity for the boys at Knights of Freedom.

Sleep... If only it was quite in my room. All the kids are here and we are listening to Prelude to Glory vol. 1 on tape. So I guess I wont be going to sleep just yet.

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