Thursday, November 29, 2007

Federalist versus Anti Federalist...

Our colloquium this evening was a discussion of the first 2 Federal and Anti Federal papers. I think the conversations were lively, timely and many people had really thought about both side of the "coin". I read the first two papers of the Anti Federalist and liked what DeWitt said.
He wanted the people to get up and think for themselves about the effects of this Constitution if it was ratified. He did not want the citizens of this country to just accept what 'experts' said. Someone suggested that we not call the writing the 'Anti' but rather the counter-federalist. They the writers were not anti federal they were against accepting the Constitution as it had been purposed. Ultimately, both sides were right. I learned that I do a discredit to myself by voting and not knowing the real issues by reading the purposed items for vote. I have a responsibility to read original intent.

Gove wrote a program and then made copies of the results on cd for everyone in attendance. This cd holds hundreds of original documents. What is handy is that the 1828 dictionary is included and when you are reading a word you don't understand, just click and the dictionary gives the definition if it's available. I think everyone went home with an early Christmas present. Fifteen people in attendance.

I and the kids went to the Bishop Store house and packed toilet paper. We did a whole pallet in 2 hours and had a nice lunch too.

This morning I sent $19 along with some money from Gove and I to the Cannons in Ecuador. They will buy supplies for the children at an orphanage. When I told the kids about this idea, they went and brought money totaling the 19 dollars. I am so happy to see these children growing and being willing to give money that was planned for things they wanted to get but not a complaint was given. If we teach them and show the example they will follow through.

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