Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I attended the temple yesterday morning, bright and early. It's the best time to go. I try to make it to the 5:45am session but my luck is more conducive with 6am. Which is fine. There seems to be more people at the earliest session then this second session. I'm all for small group sizes.
I enjoyed this temple experience because I have been thinking about the world. I doubt that I will explain this correctly or coherently for that matter but maybe someone will understand and be able to guide me. I am feeling perplexed regarding the chronology of ancient societies. I wonder how old this earth really is. I started wondering a lot of things...
At Knights of Freedom today I spoke openly of these thoughts going through my mind and Lyndee said something that felt completely right to me. This earth has been a home for other humans during a different earth cycle I guess is how I would say it. Why else replenish the earth?
Maybe I don't need to know the answers. I trust my Father in Heaven, he is my maker. My brain is so small and limited. I wonder things I have never considered before. Why am I considering them now? I noticed as I am reading A Christmas Carol to the family in the evening that I am understanding the meaning of words that I don't recall having ever looked up, yet I'm correct. How is that? I am thinking it's due to reading more classics. I have Silas Marner in slow gear, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, Christmas Carol, and Fed./Anti Fed. Papers being read simultaneously. Is something sinking in?
I was reading about the Mesopotamia Era for our time line and I guess that got me thinking about Adam and Eve.
I need to go to work and read what the modern day prophets of God had to say on these subjects (a sudden personal epiphany). That's it. Start with the Teachings of the Prophets. Then
Eric Skousen has a book called, Earth: In the Beginning. Lyndee is letting me borrow it for the next week.
I wonder what will happen to my thinking and understanding over the next week as I do this research for myself. I'm looking forward to finding out.

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