Friday, November 16, 2007

Firday's A Good Day For Fresh Air...

Our family reading time last night was cut short due to our regular Thursday colloquium. However, we did manage to read 1 chapter of Pollyanna. I was laying in Bethany's bed and just as she was about to drift off to sleep I heard her whisper, 'can we go to the mountains tomorrow?' I have noticed an increase in sibling contentions Wednesday and yesterday so this morning I thought yes, it's time to get to the mountains.
We went up to Mt. Timpanogos trail above Sun Dance and I just happened to park directly in front of the bulletin board and right in plain site where 2 posters identifying the area as bear territory. We have hiked the area twice before but I never parked here and as soon as the kids so this sign they no longer wanted to hike. There is a day picnic area with an old theater round. The kids wanted to play in this area. So we found some ice to pretend we were skating, feed the squirrels, and 2 Stellar Jays came and ate much of the biscuits we left. We did see 2 deer on the mountain side and no bears.
Sun Dance is trying to make snow. They had the blowers out on the base of the ski lift. I stopped there because we wanted to see if man made snow felt the same. It looked like snow but had the texture of ice.
The kids said how fun it was to try and ski with their shoes. I think the fresh air was what we needed.

I'm still reading Silas Marner. It's interesting to learn about this character who is a stranger to Raveloe. Funny how we all make up stories in our minds to give understanding as to why we think someone is a certain way. Also interesting is the fear of the peasants. I think it has something to do with a lack of education. The village is so quick to blame a peddler when Silas's money is stolen. And then imaginations run wild as to how the peddler looks. All distorted and based on fear. Is that do to ignorance or lack of security? Or something else?

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Hammy said...

I enjoyed Silas Marner. I read it in college. George Eliot is one of my favorite authors. Her novel Middlemarch, though long, is on the top of my "very favorite books" list.