Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Provo Library Encounters...

Late this morning I and the kids were at the local library. I am so glad to have this amazing library in our neighborhood. After 5 years of mediocre libraries in New Orleans it doesn't take much to be impressed but the Provo Libray is nice. I love the kids section. I often look for books in the children's section for beginning coverage on a subject . Today I was looking for Mesopotamia as we are starting a time line and already did some light reading from the Birthdays of Freedom. Now I want to fill in some gaps and go a little deeper and wider in understanding for what is known at that time. Today we had a art contest to see who would have the winning image for 1773. The Boston Tea Party. It was a tie. Eli did a fun comic and Beth had a ship, and I drew a tea cup with a Boston tea bag hanging over the side. Tia was the judge.
I digress.
While at the library a mother asked if we homeschool. Normally I just say yes and go one my way. But today I talked. She said she had been home educating for the past year. I shared our PALMS colloquium group and invited her to attend. She seems interested. I mentioned the idea of inspiring and the need of parents to be mentors and gain leadership/statesman educations. I was glad to have stepped up and share ideas about Thomas Jefferson Education. I think I was able to feel confident in expressing myself because I am feeling secure right now and not stressed. Our kids are showing they can learn and do so with joy and desire. I hope to see Wendy tomorrow at our discussion.
Tonight Gove and I arranged a tentative outline until the end of May 2008. We will post at

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