Sunday, November 25, 2007

Side note to last night comments about family work;
The funny thing is that after we finished with the rocks, Bethany and Eli both said they were sorry for being upset for working. Maybe Tia did too I don't recall now.
I am grateful that our children recognized that they made wrong choices in their behavior, felt bad, apologized and during the afternoon work they accomplished the task with speed and perhaps just a few complaints that quickly subsided once she (Beth) saw it wasn't going to change anything.
Often the work we do as a family is hard especially when fixing a home and creating a yard. I am confident our children will grow up with the understanding that there is a time for hard work and time for study, and time for play.

Yesterday we turned off the outside water at my mother in-laws home just across the canal from us. The freezing temp had already broken one of the faucets. We will replace it in the spring. Now that the water is turned off, we will need to carry water down to the chickens and pour it into the water dispenser with the help of the children and myself I think we can handle this just fine. Family work... that's what brings us together and helps us to bond not only in trials but in daily living as well.

Now to prepare for the Sabbath day... We have a new Relief Society presidency and will meet with them for the first time today. I am looking forward to the change and hopefully with younger blood will come a more positive outlook. We have had zero monthly activities for the enrichment program. Personally I wish the monthly meeting was still enforced. I know it was hard for those in charge to come up with ideas. I was one of those leaders but I think the fellowship and feeling of belonging is much harder now. I feel this having moved into a new ward and I just don't get to know people that much.

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