Friday, November 9, 2007

Spending and Saving...

Try Try Again...
If at first you don't succeed,
try, try again;
Then your courage should appear,
For if you will persevere,
You will conquer,
Never fear,
try, try again.

Late this afternoon we went to SLC to purchase a new couch and sectional. We have always wanted a nice leather sectional and decided to go for it now and enjoy the feel while we can. We also thought we would go look for a newer car for me, a down size but still able to hold 7 people. I think God was looking out for us. We found the color Gove really wanted but discontinued. We finally said we did not need to do this and left. As we drove to the dealership, Eli asked if we could stop spending money for the rest of the year. He has mentioned that we should not have gifts for each other this Christmas. He sure seems interested in us saving our money. Savings is a problem for me right now. We are placing 10% in retirement but I'm not saving for immediate needs though we live debt free and have a nice egg nest, I'm not adding to it. This is concerning me too. We did not buy a car. My van is still great. I am happy that we did not make a large purchase today. I am happy to have money in the bank. I would feel sick if we used so much money for a car. I am happy that we can say no even when we have the means to say yes. I feel good about myself today. Boy I sound llike the One Minute Teacher. I really can praise myself.
So, what do we do that will be a memorable service activity for this Christmas season?

Speaking of the One Minute Teacher, we held our weekly colloquium last night. 10 people showed up, 3 were new. We had a worthy discussion about the One Minute Teacher . When Gove read this book while I was driving to and from San Diego I thought it sounded to easy and so it surly would not work. However, I read about 80 pages yesterday morning and pondered the idea of One Minute Goals, One Minute Praises, and One Minute Recoveries. I do not now think that this is a trite production. Rather I am interested in building my self esteem, opening my mind to the idea that I can teach myself to change habits by setting goals that are in the present tense even if I'm not doing or believing yet to write my goal as if I am.
Amazing is the idea of One Minute Praising. I no longer need to wait to be told that I'm good by someone else. I can let myself know when I have done well. I like myself more today because I took the time to say that I am good.
Lastly and equally hard for me is the One Minute Recovery. To stop and see where I am off track from my goal and correct myself with word and feeling and yet saying that I am a good person, my behavior was not.

Here is my One Minute Goal that came to my mind while reading James 2:8 this morning. "I am happy because I feel good intentions toward my neighbors. I feel more free to forgive our misdeeds. I'm feeling stronger because I can love others unconditionally. I feel I am following the Golden Rule. I feel good about myself." It wasn't more then 4 hours later when I caught myself thinking negative towards a near neighbor. I let this thought process go on longer then I should but then I remembered my one minute goal and I did stop myself. I did not remember to feel regret for what I did so that it might help me to not let this happen so easily next time. Never the less I recovered and I'm good and I am still moving in the right direction.
Today I choose to have a good day because I have a good attitude. I often don't have a good attitude but I am going to praise myself for thinking I do and I think it will come.
Besides, my kids respond positively and negatively to my attitude when I get up in the morning and greet them. I set the tone. I am Mom.
Thank you.

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