Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sunday Evening...

This evening we finally had the Baraketes over for dinner. The last time we ate together was 2years ago. As we evacuated together from New Orleans. It seems just yesterday that we last saw each other. Just a new state and new homes. It was nice to visit but I'm always game for just being home with my family.

The good news is that we only have 4 more lasagnas to eat until we have a clear freezer again! I sent the leftovers home with our friends.

Saturday I injured my back when I lifted a too heavy box of books we bought at the library book sale. And then I sat while Gove drove us out to Delta to go Trilobite digging with the kids. We had plans to take the kids in the summer and we kept letting the date get pushed back. Friday night we knew we had to keep our word and get them out there. We took our GPS and was able to find our way to Marjum Pass. This is our third digging experience and the kids actually found quality fossils while taking a walk east of the digging site. However as I was bending over to dig I felt my back give a little more and now I am truly sore. But I am glad that I have my leg's to stand upon and can walk all the same.

Speaking of glad, we finished Pollyanna. I have suggested to the kids the past couple of days that I am sure they are glad to be accomplishing their good habits or they are glad to put the dishes away. Or I'm glad to have their help, etc.. I wonder how I would receive such a book if I read it 20 or 30 years ago? I wonder why I am finding books that are helpful to us now? It all seems to be a blessing to us. It is wonderful to no longer sit in front of a TV. Have you seen how much I have read with the children and for myself this year? I am amazed. I'm happy to be trying to improve.

It's 8:35pm the girls are in bed and Eli has come to our room to read to himself. He is reading to himself. No formal training. To night while I was reading to the family he was writing and his penmanship was lovely. I suggested he was glad to be doing his daily copy work and I could see vast improvement in his lettering.

I am wondering how to inspire the women at church to give time to making items to build 15 newborn kits for the Humanitarian Center in SLC? I don't knew and I don't want to get discouraged. I have fliers, guidelines, examples, I open the home twice a month for sewing but no one comes yet. Two sisters have sewn at home which I tell everyone that is fine.
I've decided to take this matter to the temple when I go Tuesday morning. To seek counsel with God in prayer and just ponder while serving. Maybe I just need to give it more time. After all it's been only 2 months. New ideas take time...

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