Thursday, November 1, 2007

Thursday Colloquium

Nine people attended this weeks colloquium. This was our official kick off of the group tonight and we discussed the GWC article A Thomas Jefferson Education In Our Home by Rachel DeMille.

We are providing childcare, and Gove made fresh bread for everyone to take home. Well almost everyone. Donna will get her loaf the next time she attends.

I was so happy to find this afternoon while reviewing this article that Oliver suggested that once you read 5 classics in math, science, history, and literature, you will start to ask better and different question then "How do you actually do this". I realized these 4 categories are where we should choose our books for discussions. I think this evening was fun and lively. We are going to have Shannon Brooks come, we are going to the Messiah in American Fork and watching or reading A Christmas Carol for our 2 December colloquia. We discussed using classical movies and foreign films for discussion. The TJed is about principles and not a method that has to be done one way. It's all about personal and family revelation. And this use of revelation leads to a level of security. I look forward to next week.

This morning was the Humanitarian effort. No one came. I arranged things and started 2 kits for newborns. I will continue to encourage. I do have 2 sisters who have sewn 5 gowns and 3 prs. of child slippers. this is a wonderful start all the same.

I spent the week when I wasn't reading volume 10 of Nehpites in Tennis shoes to the kids, cleaning and rearranging the basement sewing area. I stapled sheets to cover up the unfinished walls and added carpets and 2 large tables from DI. The kids helped and we accomplished a great deal, including the removal of all of the garden growth or vegetation that has frozen.

Life is good.

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