Wednesday, November 14, 2007

What's For Dinner?...

A few months back we were shopping at our favorite store, Deseret Industries, the super thrift store. Gove found a 3 volume set of McCall's Cooking School. Three weeks ago we started having our children cook one meal each week. Before cooking the meal the kids have to decide what to cook and make a shopping list and go with mom to buy the groceries. We gave them a $10 budget each the first week. We allowed them to make the decisions and not one of them chose a vegetable. Last week the meals included steamed or raw veggies. And this week I started making green smoothies that really have not tasted that appealing but I am giving the kids the option of eating or drinking their salads. This week Eli and Beth included a green smoothie for their veggie and tonight Mattia made a chicken pot pie dish that doesn't use a crust but rather homemade noodles, celery, and potatoes, and naturally chicken.
This week I helped cook homemade noodles and tenderize meat for the first time. Beth made teriyaki beef and chicken kabobs and she grilled them with Dad. Eli made Swedish Meatballs, and Mattia had her chicken dish. Our goal is to have the kids make the meal plan and then shop for the supplies by themselves. Tonight, I hear that my Mother in-law may have left-overs from the Humanitarian Center where she is serving a mission. They also have a kitchen and are having a Thanksgiving dinner Thursday. So maybe I won't have to cook tomorrow. A dream come true for me.

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